This Copy of Windows is not Genuine – Windows 7 Error: Fixed

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  1. Russel says:

    A thousand thanks for the Windows 7 permanent activator. My issue has been resolved.

  2. John says:

    Dear TeckBae,

    I’ve spent a good chunk of time trying to fix this irritating problem and your Solution 2 worked for me!! Thanks very, very much for the cure!!

    All the best,

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, John 🙂 Do not forget to follow us on Facebook. Also, Subscribe us to get our latest posts directly into your mail. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  3. Bob says:


  4. Anitha says:

    dear techbae,i am getting the error message that slrm-rearm is not an recognized

  5. shery says:

    Thank you so much…Your solution 2 worked for me 🙂

  6. bahar says:

    Thank you so much for your help,
    It solved my issue..:-)

  7. Anjay Km says:

    Worked perfectly !

  8. Zac Tayler says:

    Thank you a bunch, Windows 7 Permanent Activator worked perfectly!!

  9. Y says:

    I got a blinking cursor on a black screen and cannot boot up to windows after installing the activator. Any solution?

    V sad now

  10. Arun says:

    Do the activator require internet to fix the problem

  11. Shashank godbole says:

    I m very much thankful to u..thanks a lot…it really worked…I spent a lot of time before in doing this..but I didn’t get it..but now I m very happy..just because of u..thank u very much

  12. SF says:

    Is it possible to undo the changes made after windows 7 is activated?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, you can but it is a bit of technically complicated process. However, you can try this command in command prompt (As Administrator): slmgr.vbs /upk

  13. sajad says:

    thank you for your help. may it cause any bad effect on the system after windows 7 is activated?
    why the SF wants to undo the changes???

  14. SF says:

    Okay and if the product key is uninstalled will the screen immediately to go back to being black?

  15. matthew says:

    i am still trying to fix

  16. Loliukas says:

    It works!

  17. BULL says:


    HATS OFF!!

  18. Peter says:

    Thank you so much for solution 2! It’s been driving me nuts for a couple of months. Can I download updates and stuff now or should I turn it off?

  19. CHRIS says:

    Hey thanks but i can’t find KB971033 ON MY LAPTOP

  20. mgm says:

    It doesn’t work for me 🙁

  21. Borat says:

    Hi there! It does not work on my laptop? There is some error ” boot something?”

  22. Evod says:

    How can i Solve this problem in my computer?

    Window 7
    Build 7601
    This copy of windows is not genuine

    Please send my License Key for Window 7 Professional

  23. Evod says:

    I used this command in my PC but it does not work, SLMGR -REARM it says ” it is not recognised as internal or external command operable program or batch file

  24. Dave says:

    Cannot say thank you enough!!! Activator worked like a charm. Tried over and over the manual system with no joy and was starting to lose hair

  25. NISHAD says:

    Marvellous.. It is really working… Thank you so much………..

  26. Sushil says:

    The downloaded application worked like a charm and fixed the problem. I was struggling to fix it for quite some time.
    Thanks for the solution.

  27. AAAAAAAAAAAAAa says:

    thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttt

  28. Jimbob says:

    For solution #2, all I get is an “Access Denied” message. I even tried to run it as an Administrator, but still, same message. Nothing is fixing my error. I purchased this copy of Windows 7, paid $119.95 for it, and I’m getting FO*$&# because of a crash, and now it won’t come back. WTF?

  29. Classified says:

    Um… Does Is Erase Everything On The Computer?

  30. Maecy says:

    Thank you so much! Long have I been looking for this solution!.. May I know how long will this take effect?

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, Maecy. 🙂 Do not forget to follow us on Facebook or subscribing to our Newsletter. This will be for permanent as long as you do not install Windows updates in your PC.

  31. Rohit says:

    thanks it worked perfectly. Can I install windows updates…

  32. john doe says:

    I ran the method 2 program, it got rid of the notice, however now like every 30 seconds, I get a message saying windows explorer has stopped working, then it restarts itself. Loops endlessly. Help?

  33. Dimitri says:

    I was searching far and wide online – no dice. Everything worked in Safe mode, so I tried to go to msconfig (type: “msconfig” in Start>Search or Ctrl+Alt+Del>Start Task Manager>File>New Task>type “msconfig”) then under tab “Services” eliminate groups and restart to find it by trial and error, which sometimes works – still no dice. At least for me it turned out tho, the problem came when I connected to the internet. So I used program NetStalker, (its free, and there are a few similar ones) to see the programs using the internet. There I found Explorer.exe, looked the location (which is C:\Windows\explorer) and then went to Control Panel>System and Security>Windows Firewall>Advanced Settings (or if you are blocked from doing anything do the following: Ctrl+Alt+Del>Start Task Manager>File>New Task>type in: “wf.msc”). There under Inbound rules” on the left menu, click “New Rule”. Then go: Program>Next>This Program Path>Browse>Locate “C:\Windows\Explorer”>Next>Block the connection>Next>Next>Finish. Repeat the process for the “Outbound rulles” and your done. 🙂 Hope it helps, I spent a few hours on this one.

  34. pavol says:

    I did download the activator, installed it, testared pc and it just crashes a sec after beeing restarted. BOOTMGR is missing, press any key to restart. Nithing works, i cannot get pass this. Not even boot menu, pls help

  35. john says:

    thank U sir. its activated my windows Genuine…
    please everybody Use this windows Activator.

  36. geoff says:

    Should the windows activator only be installed once you get the “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine” error? or can it be installed before hand as well to prevent such error from happening?

    Also, to run activator in manual mode, do you only need to click on the activate button in the bottom left hand corner? Many thanks

  37. Debbie says:

    If you turn off updates, won’t that mean that malware is going to soon infect your system? (No security updates). Seems though the cure may be worse than the problem? Is it?
    My Windows 7 came with the HP laptop preloaded from Costco, and it’s genuine. I hate this problem from Microsoft–it really slows the system, as it looks and loads that error message.

  38. Saroopsingh Dhillon says:

    Thank you so much for solution 2! It worked perfectly.

  39. carl says:

    did not work. Says activation failed. what now.

  40. Vinayak says:

    Thanks a lot I’m very happy the problem has been solved
    Thank you Brother

  41. saikat das says:

    thank you man, it is great.

  42. Taren chakma says:

    I can’t work 1st step because of the code kb971033 could not find in my notebook. How can you help me

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