How To Remove .SCR Virus From Computer [Verified]

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  1. Dattatreya says:

    in my system this .scr virus effected all drives expect ‘c’ drive can i follow this method is correct or not? and in this method any data will loss ?

  2. lalit says: system.also this virus affected all drives rather than c and if i delete this it comes back again

  3. EMPEROR says:

    hi ,I simply tried all the methods including this but whenever i searched this winloader.scr in safemode i didn’t found the file so could you help me in my pc the virus is named as video.scr.

  4. Ram manikanta says:

    Hi .., in my system there is no such file , but all my folders are in .scr and its very painful for me pls help

  5. Kasi says:

    My laptop’s D drive is affected by scr virus. Will it come again if I remove it from C drive and restart?

  6. NYAKWANG says:

    Admin, I have images.scr folder which can’t be deleted in my PC drives except C drive. I tried above method but I can’t find it. Please help.

  7. Aditya says:

    I couldn’t find winlodr.scr file but i have
    Images.scr file in all drives how to remove them

  8. Teo cri says:

    admin pls help me…….how to remove .scr from my hard drive……after delete it again create how to fix…..?????————if is this a autorun so give me a solution how to delete it permanently……..pls help???

  9. Raju says:

    In my laptop I got two new folders
    $AVG &
    $RECYCLE.BIN newly with size 124 kb with type screen saver
    How to remove it

  10. Hem Kumar Ghalley says:

    hello !
    Im having some problem while deleting the image.scr. Actually the virus is in the server and its slowly spreading to the network connected user PC. Please show or guide how to delete it for the server… ?

  11. Sahil says:

    Plz help me i cant find winlodr.scr file but in my drive a my personal drive all my folders turned into scrren saver and some cant be deleted

  12. Pranab says:

    Pls help me. I followed all the steps, but still can’t find the goddamn .scr file.The images.scr file keeps reappearing in the D drive. How should I go about it? Pls guide.

    • Admin says:

      If any one of the steps did not work, then I will advice you to use a good antivirus or format your system. Remember formatting your system will erase all data.

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