How to Recover/View Saved WiFi Password in Android Phones?

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  1. aashu says:

    Steps to Recover/View Saved WiFi Password in Android Phones without root:



  2. shivam says:

    can I know how to root my moto g first generation phone

  3. shivam says:

    If i root my phone? So wifi password will be saved or forgetten?

  4. Srajan says:

    Dear Admin,
    Plz tell me how to Root my Sony Xperia zr…. But plz tell me the easiest and safest method…asap
    An Early reply shall be appreciated

  5. Sakata Gintoki says:

    welp……..this is b****** bcoz your method is only for rooted devices bruh

    • Admin says:

      I have already mentioned the Disclaimer in the article as below.

      IMPORTANT: I have got complains from some people stating the data folder in their android phones is empty. It is due to their firmware privacy. Thus, they cannot Recover/View Saved WiFi Password in their android phones without rooting.

      So, read the article carefully before having any judgement bruh.

      • Amado says:

        You still need to root your phone. The Recover/View Saved WiFi Password app says so bruh

      • Dee says:

        The 2nd heading right below the main title and after some bullshit ads CLEARLY states WITHOUT root BRUUUH

        • Admin says:

          Hi Dee,

          Yeah, it is possible to view saved password without root. But it works in some older phones only. I would advise you to read the whole article rather than coming into conclusion by just seeing the heading. Thanks.

  6. Mignon says:

    Can someone please tell me how to root my samsung galaxy s4 mini?

  7. stephin says:

    How to root moto e2

  8. Anil says:

    how to find system directory in ES file explorer….

  9. luckwinner singh says:

    how can I root my Samsung galaxy grand quattro GT-I8552?

  10. Subhash Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in private limited company & our company EDP Manager have loaded company wifi password in my mobile set Moto E. Last 15 days we are facing lots of problem in my Moto e. Please note that my wifi password everyday deleted or reset automatically & we everyday request to our EDP Manager to load password. Please to inform you that yesterday our Manager frustrate for same process doing every day & reject my request. Kindly request you to please solve my problem for save or recover wifi password in my set.

    Waiting for your prompt response.

    With regards,

    Subhash Srivastava
    Varanasi, India

    • Admin says:

      Hi Subhash,
      Do you mark a check on remember this network option while entering the WiFi Password? If not, then do this. Your Password will not get deleted.
      But if you still want to see the WiFi Password, then let me inform you that you cannot view Wifi through your non-rooted Moto E android phone. It does not have that feature. Well, you can take a rooted android phone, install WiFi Pass Recovery and Backup app secretly in it and ask your manager to enter the password in it. It will do the rest of the job.
      Hope it helps! 🙂

  11. sumit says:

    Hiii friend have intex aqua y2 pro and some of his friend enter pasword of college wifi in his phone. Now i want to know tha padwrd. And i try to root his phn but i can’t. I use kingroot,kingoroot and aps like thi but cant find. Plx help

  12. sandeep tomar says:

    my data folder shows empty, i am not getting any wifi misc folder or file in it

  13. Akhil says:

    How to root in my Sony xperia E3dual
    and what is the disadvantages in root
    Help me

  14. NoyonTech says:

    Nice article. But data folder empty. After root I can show my WiFi . Thanks

  15. vic says:

    I am on Android 5.1.1 on a Note 10.1. My password is not shown. Only this long string:


    What to do?

    • Admin says:

      Do you see the ssid option above psk option. Does that match with the WiFi connection’s ssid?

      • vic says:

        Yes it does. Its just the password thats not shown correctly.


        • Admin says:

          I guess either the password is encrypted using 32 character string or this is the password which has been selected via a password generator (32 characters long). So, do check if this is the password or not. If not, then you have to decrypt this string.

          You can also Google about 32 character string or hashcode for more information.

          Hope! it helps. 🙂

  16. Deepak says:

    How to root micromax bbolt a62bolt

  17. Ashu Sharma says:

    How to see wifi password in android 6 marshmallow motog2 without root

  18. Ashu Sharma says:

    How to root lenovo s660 easily

  19. Yogendra says:

    How to see saved password on non rooted android

    • Admin says:

      The only way is mentioned above but it does not work in all android phones. If you cannot see this option, then you have to root your android phone in order to see saved WiFi Password.

  20. rodolfo baloloy says:

    can someone pls help me how to root samsung galaxy star GT-s5280

  21. ganesh says:

    i have android phone 5.1.1. I root already it show me wrong password of current using wifi . too much nember and letter please give me solution

  22. Prabhakar kulkarni says:


  23. katie says:

    Hi. Can you tell me if a Lg Escape 2 can be rooted and if so, then how to do it. Thanks

  24. vivek Kumar says:

    awesome! article
    its really helpful for all WiFi users

  25. suhail says:

    how to root samsung galaxy On7??

  26. kusuma says:

    after enering to the data folder in the device i’m not finding ayn of the option in ma phone

  27. akhil says:

    i download filemanger but the data folder is empty…help me

  28. Sunny Choudhary says:

    I download this app and go to data but there are show empty

  29. akshay says:

    Mine. Password is just like a big code can anybody help me to solve this problem
    After lot of seacrches i had found that the password is encrypted by hashcode 32 charactor string
    can anybody help me to decode this string

    Plz sent me googled link along with reply

    • Admin says:

      The password you are seeing is a 32-bit or 64-bit hash code which is encrypted in the form of strings. You need some programming knowledge to decrypt it. Other than that, you cannot do anything. You will find many websites claiming to decrypt it for you but they are useless and scam. So, don’t fall for them.

  30. biplav karki says:

    i found wpa.supplicant not in data but system bin but there is very long page and written in very unknown language and i get tired scrolling page but i cant find wifi name and password as it should be clearly seen !! data folder is empty am i looking wrong file???

  31. Cyanna says:

    Basically this method doesn’t work. Either due to firmware encryption which then requires rooting the device or because the password is stored encrypted.

  32. BHAVESH AHUJA says:

    How I can now save wifi password without root phone. Samung galaxy note 2

  33. sachin says:

    Hi,in my HTC desire 700 I reset my mobile but I kept backup in my google account.after finishing restoring my mobile all my contacts and other things are synchronized but my wifi password not recovered.Last time for same process it works.

  34. Jitendra Joshia says:

    How can root lenovo k3 note Android version 6 marshallow

  35. kANnA says:

    hello sir….
    can I root my new infocus bingo 50 ….
    is any disadvantages with rooting…..
    please show me a safest way……even its not easy….

  36. lalit malhare says:

    data folder showing empty

  37. Deva says:

    How to root samsung galaxy s4

  38. Aniket patil says:

    Totally fake my lg l90 is rooted i downloaded es file maneger data folder is empty than i download wifi pass viever from playstore its working in rooted phones and my friends have sansung duos non rooted he also download es file explorer still data folder is empty device data and folder is empty so dont share fake info for non rooted users rooted users i suggest go to playstore u get several apps to view wifi pass bt for non rooted users i suggest this info is totally totallly 100%fake……!!!!

    • Admin says:

      I guess you have not read the article properly. It has been clearly mentioned that if you can’t see data folder on your android phone, then you have to root your android phone to view WiFi password.

  39. Ahmed says:

    when i tried to open folder “data” it showed Empty folder what can I do

  40. Neil says:

    When I open the wpa_supplicant.conf file in ES file Explorer it comes up with update config, eapol version, ap_scan but no ssid or network keys..
    I’ve tried it with different file managers but the same thing happens, I am using a Sony Xperia Z2

  41. Viahnu says:

    How to root yu yureka?
    Can i download n update my fon to marahmallow. Yu havent provided this yet.
    Thank you

  42. Krishna Rds says:

    How to rooted Android phone karbonn titanum mokbul V_018 and how to unroote my phone

  43. Krishna Rds says:

    How to see wifi password saved on Android phone without rooted

  44. adams says:

    How to root my samsung galaxy core duos i8262 safely

  45. hassan says:

    how to root q mob x32 marshmallow 6.0
    and in this methd not working

  46. blaire lourence says:

    Mr. Admin please tell me on how to view the wifi password on my galaxy tab3. Please please. ?. The es file explorer won’t work

  47. blaire lourence says:

    I can’t even find a decent answer on google god! Im so frustrated . I hate being dumb ugh.

  48. sohail says:

    i was rooted my galaxy note 3 neo but the problem was it does not show the password.the password show like this 6fa11ca6f6b7bfa29cd897c00d0a544f so what was the original password

  49. Zoya says:

    I can’t find any folder named with misc or Wifi folder in my samsung j7 android phone please help me with some other option

  50. Sid says:

    Showing wrong password
    Its showing password like ajd3jee8dje8d8d8d

  51. Arthur says:

    When i try to look for saved passwords i get a long string of #s and letters… how can i change this? Here is an example of what i see using a file explorer:

    ssid=”Winternet is Coming”

  52. Ahmed Nawaz says:

    Dear How To Root Xperia-z Mobile

  53. Shiva says:

    how to root samsung galaxy mobile

  54. Amit says:

    Hello Admin . How can I root my samsung galaxy ACE NXT 2 . please tell me easiest and saftiest method to root .

  55. bitmapderrick says:

    My phone is already rooted so I can be able to do this kind of trick to recover or view the saved wifi password on my phone.

  56. Ahmed yasir says:

    hello sir i have samsung grand prime plus: i am connected to a wifi whichs security is wpa/wpa2
    how will i show password of this without root

  57. Austin Jose says:

    Hi Bro
    Thanks for the awesome method. It worked for my old galaxy phone. Does it works for all mobile phones ?


  58. Anonymous says:

    Hey admin tell me how to root a samsung galaxy tab e as fast as u can pleasd

  59. BADRI says:


  60. Vyshnav says:

    sir, can i know how to upgrade my android 4.1.1 to 4.2.0. plz??

  61. Austin Jose says:

    is rooting necessary to find the WiFi password. I am in confusion.

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