Obtaining IP Address Error in Android While Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

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  1. Bhushan says:

    I tried all but still getting the same error
    also some it show connecting and its not getting connected to internet

  2. sid says:

    yes your right solution 3 worked finely for me i’m using moto g3
    Thanks a lot for sharing the steps

  3. suzan says:

    Thanks …it worked for me…

  4. Abrar says:

    Sounds silly but works !!
    Step 1 ; turn off wifi
    step 2 ; turn on hotspot
    step 3 ; turn on bluetooth
    step 4;turn off hotspot
    step 5; now try connecting
    it should work !! 😀

  5. F.F says:

    i have nexus5
    android version 6.1

    the problem is that when i select STATIC some options appear but they are inactive beside that SAVE goes to be inactive either.

  6. Kyle says:

    Steps didn’t work moto 3rd gen. Constant cycle of finding ip and no internet :/ have power cycled and followed instructions. What do I do(

  7. ojesh goyat says:

    buddy i am using samsung s6 edge. i have changed wifi settings from dhcp to static. and now i am able to connect wifi but not able to use internet and remain connecting when i try to change static to dhcp, wifi automatically disconnects. and rrror is still the same i.e ip address not found. kindly help me

  8. suganya says:

    I followed the third step…yeah it got connected…but no internet access…so i switched back to DHCP as it is connected…but again it showed the obtaining ip address error…

  9. Faizan says:

    I am creating wifi hotspot from my laptop and want to use this on my samsung s4.I am shown as connected but unable to use internet on my smartphone ,the internet is working fine on laptop . I have tried using static ip and other tips as you mentioned but still unable to resolve the issue, kindly advise.

  10. GAURAV says:

    same problem like Suganya… N pls My internet connection is Working fluent .my mates are using it.i Properly did steps of Static IP address it get connected bt no internet access n If Dhcp is turned on it goes back to same problem..Now Help.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry for that, Gaurav but this is the only solution which I know. Although, you can try Factory Reset (This is the extreme solution for any android errors). But keep in mind that Factory Reset wipes all data from your phone. So, make sure you backup all your important data.

  11. JIM says:

    Great tutorial! I have a note 4 and was continually having this problem at work but after following your steps my phone is working great

  12. Robbert Kuiper says:

    Followed solution 3. Now it says “Connected, but no internet”. Changed it back to DHCP while connected, but than it changes back to “Obtaining IP adres…”.
    THe WiFi connection is great, because I’m writing this comment on my laptop which is connected to the same wifi router.
    Is there any other solution? Thanks in advance mate!

  13. Raj says:

    For lenovo K4 note any of the above steps are not working. Can u pls check

  14. jester3699 says:

    This is a work-around not a fix. Lost my ability to connect to 1 of 2 routers after MM update dropped. Wiped MM and ODIN’d 5.1.1 stock back. Damage done. Logs show the phone thinks it is a legit connection. (Router in question) failed login attempts = 0. They broke something and no one seems to be able to repair it…

  15. jEROL says:


  16. Alan situ says:

    Ty so much I thought I broke my wifi.

  17. Dikshita Karkera says:

    Thank you so much finally got connected after Changing the IP Adress

  18. peter says:

    Helpful i changed from static to DCHP while stll connected bt still had the same issue IP adress obtaining error for Samsung j5

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