Netflix Error Code 12001 on Android Devices [Fixed]

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  1. Sommer says:

    Error code 12001..Using VPN..does that mean no Netflix BC of location error?? If so how do I use w VPN?

  2. Viveak Majithia says:

    These are the steps listed on netflix help site. Nothing new and definitely not fixed. Netflix on ps4 and pc win 8 work. Netflix on sony Android does not. Restart of router tab deleting data app reinstalling app does nothing. If i can’t get it to worl on my home wifi whats the point. Can’t use 4g cause of data availability and cost. Worked fine 9ne day and then stopped. Weird and frustrating

    • Admin says:

      Sorry for your state, Viveak but I could only get these solutions for this problem. However, you can try contacting Netflix Official Support Team for the same.

  3. Barry Roth says:

    I have done all three steps, but has not worked. The Wi-Fi that I’m connect to is a free Wi-Fi at work but I have actual connect to it will not automatically connect but when I go to different areas my Android tablet has no issues. I have contacted Netflex and they tell me the same thing us different Wi0fi connection.

  4. K says:

    This did nothing, tried all steps and still getting 12001.

  5. Syd says:

    I’ve tried all three multiple times and still nothing. But I know my wifi is fine because Netflix will stream on my tv and phone. It will play one episode on my kindle fire hd, and then will not load the next one at all. It’s like it can only play one and then needs a break. But my tv is on the same wifi and the same account, and works just fine. Is this “one episode” issue common? Is it just my kindle? Someone help!

  6. Natalie says:

    It fixes after I clear my data and catch, but everytime I do that (which is like every 24 hours) I end up having to sign in to Netflix again. I’m using TV with Android as OS, with a remote control and a mouse, don’t have a keyboard and it’s pain in the wrist and fingers to type my email and password every time.

    Is there an option for the site on android to just “remember” my email so I at least wouldn’t have to type THAT all the time?

  7. Logan says:

    None of this solved my problem. The error persists through all of these steps.

    The only way I can get rid of the error is when I’m using my mobile data.

  8. Ping-ZA says:

    So it looks like Google’s Smartlock feature was the culprit.
    ##Smart Lock for Passwords helps you securely store passwords to some of your favourite websites and compatable apps. An example app that can use this feature is Netflix
    I tried all their (Netflix) advice… clear app cache, reset device, uninstall app, re-install – nothing worked.
    I deleted the Neflix settings from Smart lock under Chrome, settings and voila!
    No more 12001

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