LeTv Le 1s Common Problems and Fixes (Heating, WiFi, Whatsapp, App Crash)

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  1. R.S.Mohekar says:

    Overheating of letv 1s while on ideal position as well as when call receiving or calling too much heated please give me solution.

    • Admin says:

      You can install apps like Battery temperature Guard or Cool Down Phone to under-clock your android device which would keep your phone’s temperature in check to a certain extent.

  2. fraz ansari says:

    Heating problem kaise theek hogi

  3. Sonre says:

    When I download apps from play store
    It automatically stops the apps from downloading from mobile data. And displays pause ads.
    I’ve put a no limit on the mobile data downloading option. But still it sucks

    • Admin says:

      It happens generally when Kernel discards Market from memory. In Android, there are many ways to achieve multi-tasking. Market app achieves it by running its service in the background. This way Market app isn’t killed. But, when kernel runs out of memory, it has no other choices. It kills other apps (even having running service) to reclaim memory. Such power killing returns unstable & unexpected results.

      So, to prevent it lower down running app load from the system. You can hunt down running apps from Settings>>Applications>>Running Services. Simply uninstall all unwanted always-running apps.

      Plus, Market might have memory leaks etc. type bugs on your device. So, it’s better to contact Android support if the last step doesn’t help. They really respond (don’t think it’s Google).

  4. shreejit says:

    the issue am facing is whenever i turn off wifi it takes forever to transition to mobile data…any soluion sir

    • Admin says:

      Hi Shreejit,

      I would suggest you to restart your android phone and then try connecting to WiFi connection. If still, you are facing WiFi problem, wait for the upcoming update with the fixed bug.

  5. Bhupendra Kumar Pandey says:

    when are you going to send WIFI update? i have serious wifi issue

    • Admin says:

      The update will be launched by LeTv developers. Till then, you have to wait for the upcoming update. However, you can try restarting your android phone and then reconnecting to WiFi connection, every time you face WiFi issue.

  6. Ramesh says:

    Battery draining fastly.. Give me suggestions, system updation is tried but it’s showing that it is up to date.

    • Admin says:

      The upcoming update with the fixed bug is yet to come. Till then, you have to wait or you can try contacting to LeTv developers on their official forum.

  7. Rana das says:

    My letv phone doesn’t show call cost after calling, its showing that’s “unfortunately proceccer has stop” and show feedback apps,,,plz reply for solves this problem,,,,

  8. Neeraj says:

    Updated my letv and it hangs on restart only showing eui …please help me out

  9. ganesh says:

    in my Le TV wifi problem occring continuously

    • Admin says:

      Please see if your phone OTA is updated or not. If it is and you are still seeing the problem, restart your android and connect your phone to the WiFi network every time you face this issue. For the fixed bug, wait for the next OTA update.

      Hope it helps! 🙂

  10. Anand says:

    When ever I make a call… The phone display switches off… I can’t do anything till it end the call… I can’t cut d call also… I have restarted the phone also… Its not happening…pls help me out

    • Admin says:

      Try restarting the phone and clear the Cache and Data of Dialer app. If the problem still persists, notify me. I will come up with another solution.

      • anand says:

        No its not happening….

        • Admin says:

          Try Factory Reset. It will wipe all data in your android phone and make it as it was at the time of purchase. But, make sure to you backup all your important data before opting for this solution.

      • Anand kumar says:

        I bought dis phone yesterday only… From d time I open its happening like dis….I did factory reset also once…its not happening

        • Admin says:

          Report this problem to your nearest LeTv Service Center. This is a serious software issue. It’s best to contact them. Your Phone is in Warranty and they will fix it for you without any charge.

  11. srini says:

    My le 1s getting heating every time so pls answer me the upcoming OTA update it’s solve this problem………

    • Admin says:

      Yes! According to sources, LeTv is working on Heating issue and will soon come up with the fixed bug in their upcoming OTA update.

  12. aaqib says:

    my phone restarts again and again automatically what’s the problem

  13. rutvik says:

    I can’t download any aaps way my mobile data..
    It’s tell me every time that you only download WiFi.. So please help me

    • Admin says:

      Try below solutions:

      1. Restart your Android Phone.
      2. Clear Cache and Data of Google Play store, Google Service framework, Downloads and Download manager app.
      3. See if you are using the latest version of Google Play Store app.
      4. I guess there can be File Size Limitation settings enabled in your phone. So, open downloads app or download manager app. Change the setting of the max size of file you can download using mobile data.
      5. Disable the Restrict background data option Settings → App → Downloads (might have been enabled).

      Hope it helps! 🙂

  14. srini says:

    Upcoming dates letv le 2s launched in India.
    Not for letv le 2 pro i want le 2s so plz ans me sir…….

  15. M.murali says:

    data usage this mobile over heated…while to charging the heated… how to reduce this problem pls tell as…

  16. Neevan Chowdhury says:

    While connected with wifi device is getting to much heat. I have updated the latest OTA version today but no better results yet. Please help me out.

  17. Kite says:

    le1s doesn’t support Volte? will they upgrade in near future??
    also let me know, how to select 4g mode, I inserted jio sim but net doesn’t connect, while on other phones it does,

  18. Bibhudatta Dalabehera says:

    My Le 1s play store is not working,i’ve rooted it but after rooting play store stopped working.So i unrooted my phone to prevent this but it was saying “check your connection and try again”. it says it again and again.Say me some tips that should I do.

  19. srini says:

    Sir plz tell me about true ans about letv le 1s upcoming OTA solve the heating and battery and camera problems or not

    Not solve this problem i return the phone so plz tell me sir…………

  20. Mano says:

    My le 1s has problems with online games like coc and clash royale ,etc. While playing these games internet gets limited and stops working. It seriously going out of my nerve please fix this bug.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry, there is no permanent fix to this issue. It can only get fixed once the new update comes with the fixed WiFi bug. Apparently, you can try the below tricks to bypass this problem:
      – Switch off and then switch on your phone.
      – Then, connect to WiFi. It will fix your issue.
      – Every time you face this issue, just restart your android phone.
      (For permanent solution, wait for the upcoming update).

  21. Parthi says:

    How to check my mobile heating %

    • Admin says:

      Start by opening your android phone’s dial pad, and type *#*#4636#*#*. If this feature is available on your device then a screen should automatically pop up. Here, look for the option that says Battery Information. Tap on it. Now, look for Battery temperature option. You will get your answer here.

  22. Prashant says:

    My letv le1s is overheating when charging.When i change date my phone automatically switch off and automatic start means only eui showing and coloring and phone isnot starting in home and button also not working

    • Admin says:

      Try Factory Reset but remember it will wipe all data. So, make sure to backup all important data before opting for it.

  23. stephen selvinraj Thomas says:

    My phone suddenly got freezed and When I tried to retart it asked for clearing the apps. I gave ok but it again hangs. I am not able to even switch off the phone for saving the battery. What is the solution

  24. MADHU says:

    Hi sir in my letv Share it and Bluetooth ‘l nt connect… ‘L reinstall share it 3timr bt still it cms same problem… Pls give suggestions

  25. MJ says:

    I bought Le 1s recently
    My problem with the phone is that its WiFi function is not working. WiFi turn off when u go back after turning it on, also it’s public WiFi access option is not working and same problem happens with the Bluetooth also
    So basically this smartphone working as a simple basic mobile as of now
    when contact flipkart customer care they don’t have any proper answer for the problem, infact they asked me for exchange or refund options

    • Admin says:

      I would advise you to refund instantly and go for another smartphone or else you gonna struggle a lot in the future with this phone.

  26. Amit says:

    I am planning to purchase this phone, but after looking the heating reviews I am in dilemma. Can someone let me know if the new software had solved all the above mentioned issue ( WIFI, heatting issue etc )

  27. Gayathri says:

    Pl .let me knpw. Iexperiencing since two months. Whether snythong we can do or u woll help us in this regard

  28. Amit says:

    Hi Admin Sir, Can you please reply to my question
    (I am planning to purchase this phone, but after looking the heating reviews I am in a dilemma. Can someone let me know if the new software had solved all the above-mentioned issue ( WIFI, heating issue etc )

    • Admin says:

      I would suggest you not to purchase this phone or else you will suffer in the future. Please look for any other alternative.

  29. Mani says:

    My mobile is otg not connected give the solution please

    • Admin says:

      Try using OTG Troubleshooter app. If still the problem persists, report it to your nearest customer service. If it is in warranty, they will change it for you.

  30. vasu says:

    my le1s mobile is shutdown,2 hours chaging in mobile but not switch on, ple give me a solution

    • Admin says:

      I think your OS is corrupted or your phone is bricked. You need to Flash a new ROM into it. If you are unfamiliar with it, take it your nearest customer service, they will do it for you.

  31. shaik irfan says:

    sir my mobile overheating problem ,,please ,,telll me solution,,my mobile heating is, some times 49 *c sir my hands are very heating ,,,as soon as tell me solution ,,,

    • Admin says:

      The Solution is mentioned in the tutorial. You cam follow it. For quick result, you can install apps like Battery temperature Guard or Cool Down Phone to under-clock your android device which would keep your phone’s temperature in check to a certain extent.

  32. Balaji says:

    Dear admin recently I have purchased letv 1s mobile unfortunately my mobile fell down from 2feet height the screen has broken can you help me to change the screen

    • Admin says:

      Since it is a physical damage, you will be charged to change the screen. If you go to LeTv Service Center, they will charge a lot. So, I would recommend you to contact the third-party vendors which will do the same work for less cost. But make sure you get that done in front of you or else there is a chance that they may cheat you too.

  33. rajesh sharma says:

    just now I was reboot my phone on screen it is showing that update system and clear data both option i treid but nothing happen and my phone not restart or not operating what to do please reply

  34. ibrahim says:

    I could not open my letv 1s phone. It switched off last night because of low battery. Plz tell me what I should do to solve this problem.

    • Admin says:

      Did you charge it to the full battery? If yes, then try to switch ON your phone. If you see LeTv logo but it gets switched OFF again, then your OS is corrupted. You need to install a new ROM. If you do not see such thing, then give me the suitable feedback.

      • ibrahim says:

        I charged my phone for hours. It did not switch on. But while charging it shows a red led on top of the phone. Plz tell me what to do. I have a lot of important things saved on my phone. 🙁

        • Admin says:

          I think you should report it to your nearest LeTv Service Center. They can handle this properly on a hardware basis.

  35. srikar kokkula says:

    My mobile ringtone is not working I don’t know why but I guess one bell symbol is visibled on notification bar from that time onwards my mobile ringtone is not hearing rest every sounds are working

  36. Apoorva says:

    My phone gets switched off automatically and keeps on restarting more than some 10-15 times.This happens at least 4 times in a day.Please help me out in this regard 🙁

    • Admin says:

      This can be due to Battery problem, stuck Switch ON/OFF button problem, a faulty app problem or may be due to virus problem. Please check for these issues. If still the problem persists, try Factory Reset. (Factory Reset will wipe all your data on phone. So, make sure you backup all your important data.)

  37. vishnu p says:

    Admin please suggest leotv ls 1 or lenovo vibe note 4 or honor 5c which one is best for buying please give u r suggestion plzzzz

  38. Sandy says:

    Contacts are getting automatically deleted from the mobile-LeTv 1s. This is a very serious issue. Can you please suggest something?

    • Admin says:

      It is a new error which has been rising a lot in LeTv phones. I guess LeTv engineers would be doing their best to fix it as soon as possible. To contact their engineers, go to this thread:

      Till then, updated your contacts with Google accounts and use it in read-only mode.

      Hope it helps you. 🙂

  39. Mohan says:

    Recently I m purchased letv le 1s,battery drying fastly,over heat and app crash plz give me a suggestion

    • Admin says:

      The suggestions for all the problems has been mentioned in the article. Other than that, if you are facing a severe problem, contact your nearest LeTv Service Center.

  40. ashok says:

    My le1 s is overheating fast

  41. Carter0 says:

    When will the Android Marshmallow come to us? I like this phone, it is one of the best budget smartphones around $160, like Oukitel k6000 pro, xiaomi mi4 and so on.

  42. VIJAY says:

    HI Team,

    i bought let V mobile n now it has some software issue were wen ever i try to access my mobile phone it goes to the pocket mode which i didnt even acitivated… n it dont proceed for further steps where am unable to access my mobile phone even am unable to s.off my mobile…. Team pl help me out with good resolution…. Much appreciated for the early revert as am drafting this comment sitting at browsing cafe

  43. Anil kumar says:

    Sign in problem in my letv app.plz tell me how to fix it

  44. balu says:

    my mobile too much heat issue. Please how to solve?

  45. Nitin D says:

    Ibought my Letv Le1 S phone in china, it has 4gb ramn and 64 gb rom.
    just todaywithout warning and for no reason at all, the screen refused to come on.

    please advsie how to fix this problem.

    there is no reset butotn or point for reesetting , so any other way to resolve this issue ?

    It was working perfectly normally before this issue cropped up.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Admin says:

      I guess your OS is corrupted. You need to install a new firmware. Take your phone to your nearest LeTv Service Center. They will do that for you.

  46. Sumit says:

    My phone doesnot support messenger and facebook app.can u help me??

    • Admin says:

      Are you using LeTv Le 1s? If yes, then there is another problem. It’s not possible that FB apps are not compatible on your phone.

  47. Rajesh says:

    I have bought my LeTV 2 days back I tried to add fingureprint from settings, my LeTV not lettting me add the fingureprint in add fingurepirint options in settings.
    Whenever I put my fingure on scanner I didnt get the vibration to confirm the addition of fingureprint.

    Let me know if anyone had faced same issue

  48. Gaurav says:

    Some time my letv phone is getting hang…while playing games

  49. Anant says:

    My letv is switched off and is not turning on what should i do i also charged it but it is not responding

  50. Anant says:

    My letv is switched off and not responding what should i do to start it

  51. sahith kumar says:

    im facing an issue on charging earlier my phone used to charge 100% with in 90 min now even after 6 hrs of charging its not 100% suggest me a solution.

    • Admin says:

      Please make sure you are using the official charger of LeTV. If still the problem persists, try calibrating your battery.

  52. Alfred says:

    Why is my feedback option coming up automatically what should I do to stop. From not coming

  53. yogendra semwal says:

    hello admin, i have purchesed letv ls1 mobile from last 2 month before but last night i was calling to my friend suddenly my mobile have switch off, when i do charging than this is showing red light on top,
    what can i do… i have saved all important data on it and i am in dubai right dubai, please give the right solution and dubai letv service center address asap………

    • Admin says:

      I guess your OS is corrupted. Report it to your nearest LeTv Service Center. You can search for the service center on Google.

  54. Admin says:

    I guess your OS is corrupted. Report it to your nearest LeTv Service Center.

  55. Pavan Kumar says:

    Sir, I have purchased Le 1S mobile, i am facing mobile data off problem when my mobile screen off, when my display screen on then automatically mobile data on. I would like to continue mobile data on even screen off, I had checked downloading limit and fixed no limit. However, The problem is same,, pl give any information

  56. MEHUL says:

    HI TEAM,
    I m facing an issue on charging earlier my phone used to charge 100% with in 1 hr after 8 hrs also showing 100% and then suddenly swich off the phone i had already submitted my phone in LE Tv service centre but again i have facing same issue please suggest me a solution.i want to replace my phone so is it possible?

  57. Ashish Khandelwal says:

    problem is very big as automatically power off and on after 2 min.
    and heating also too much that can’t even talk by touch with ear.

  58. Ashish Khandelwal says:

    only Look good.Very big problem is automatically power off and on problem. And battary drain too quickly.

  59. murugesh says:

    My file manager app is not working

  60. Sravanthi says:

    My phone automatically hanged and switch off what the problem and what the solution

  61. rushi says:

    i will by letv 1s ,
    please tell me solution to avoid the hang and don’t be switch off

  62. Ranga sai says:

    My letv phone is not getting connected to charging properly whenever i charge my phone it’s showing charging on AC for sometime nd next minute it’s getting of nd getting connected…its just irritating me can u tell me what to do

  63. Suneel Yarlagadda says:

    How do I change the call receiving type , because whenever I remove phone from my pocket, gets rejected

  64. Denobly says:

    My phone has updated version released on 2015-05-31.but still phone has heat up issue.
    Phone getting heat up during the charging..pls check the issue and give solution ASAP.

  65. Nikhil says:

    My le 1 mbl automatically switch off ,on during charging so plz help me

  66. harsh says:

    Sir I have some problems in play store I am unable to download any app from play store in 2g network in my letv 1s

    • Admin says:

      It will take a lot of time in downloading any app from Google Play Store in 2G Mode. I will recommend you to use 3G connection or a high-speed Wifi Connection for the same.

  67. vishnu says:

    hi, my letv 1s suddenly switched off .when I try to charge it s only giving a red led light on the top how to switch it on .

    • Admin says:

      I guess your OS is corrupted. You need to flash a new firmware on your phone. To do so, contact your nearest LeTv Service Center.

  68. Reena says:

    My flashlight disabled automatically…. Wat should i do now

  69. Sandy says:

    My phone contacts are getting automatically deleted. I am experiencing this from some months. Can anybody suggest if there is any resolution for this.

  70. Kunal Gupta says:

    While watching video the screen gets dim for a second or 2 then gets back to normal but it keeps happening after every few sec

  71. Yogeesh says:

    How to solve contact deleted my phone

  72. Sandy says:

    Any updates on the contacts issue. Contacts getting disappeared automatically. Is this issue resolved.

  73. Aasitha says:

    I cant put conference call.though switch calls or enable.eventhough i cant put conference

  74. Vinitha says:

    I cant make any conference call? Switch calls are enabled..eventhough i cant make conference call..

  75. Mohit says:

    Hi ! Got update working good. But just couple of back facing some kind of unusual issue in my phone. My phone keypad buttons getting invisible while typing. It’s difficult to type. Few you can see but rest totally gone like blank space.

  76. Robin T R says:

    hello yesterday my letv mobile got switched off.because of 0% CHARGE. then i put on charging one full night. still it is not able to switched ON. it is showing red light. what i have to do.. please advise.

  77. Rattan Singh says:

    I have bought Le Eco Le1 S Eco this month. After 3 days, it switched off. I pushed its power button for 10 seconds but of no use. I plugged in the charger and light on top-left side lit up but there was nothing on display. It still is in the same position. Its charger is also different so could not try other chargers for charging it. Any solution to problem?

  78. rica says:

    there is no watsapp tone in le1s , it has hangout tone which i don’t like..so do this phone has watsapp tone

  79. T.Nagendra says:

    sir i have heating ,camera and hanging problem .i need OTA update.when will come to me.

  80. Dhanasekaran says:

    In LE1s, when I enable mobile data for SIM2 the network is getting lost. After I switched off the mobile data, the network is coming again. What should i do now? Data is working for the same SIM in other mobiles. I tried to change the APN settings and all other data settings as well.

    And am roaming outside India, but using the SIM of roaming country only.

  81. Atan says:

    Please clarify my doubt #admin. My camera just stopped functioning. Error message reads “sorry your camera or flash is being used by another application.”

  82. Akashdeep Singh says:

    The Biggest Problem with LeTv Le 1S is Some contact nos. getting deleted automatically

  83. anup says:

    when i added new contact numbers, after some days that automatically deleted. pls give a slution

    • Admin says:

      As I have already mentioned, It is a new error which has been rising a lot in LeTv phones. I guess LeTv engineers would be doing their best to fix it as soon as possible.

      Till then, updated your contacts with Google accounts and use it in read-only mode.

      Hope it helps you. 🙂

  84. priyansh says:

    wherever whatsapp is used for long….its elements like call, keyboard etc traces at back ground

  85. Aman says:

    Net is not working in my Leeco le 2s if I am connected to wifi ….my wifi is working in other mobiles but not in Leeco le 2 s

  86. abhijith ajay says:

    I’ve been facing only the overheating issue. My phone overheats after 5 mins of gaming or while I watch movies. I used a phone temperature measuring app and it reads 50-53 degree celcius. When i switch from wifi to mobile data the phone heats up a lot and i can literally feel my hand burning while holding the phone.

  87. Sam says:

    Ibought my Letv Le1 S phone 6 month b4, it has 3gb RAM ,yesterday my phone screen gt white Nd some lining.please advise

  88. atharva pardeshi says:

    admin sir ,
    when i plays clash of calsn on my letv 1 . my phone overheats and after 5 minutes the app misbehaves

  89. Inder says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have an letv1s.
    I am facing this tricky issue. My mobile is only starting in recovery mode. Showing a screen with 2 options, update system or/and clear data. I have done all options including loading a update.zip file once when mobile booted automatically. Can you help suggest easy option to move ahead with this. ******* is my what’s app number. Pls help

  90. Narender says:

    I am facing a problem GPS not detecting automatically my current location. Its showing unknown location. When i restart my LE Tv 1s mobile that’s time this problem came.

  91. suhas devkar says:

    my letv le 1s mobile unexpected switch off . now tell me how can i solve these problem?

    • Admin says:

      There can be numerous cause for it. It may be the battery problem, motherboard problem, corrupt OS problem, etc. So, it would be wise to contact your nearest LeTv Service Center.

  92. Abhinav Prakash says:

    My wifi and Bluetooth doesn’t starts and touch pad is not working what is the solution

  93. Vinay says:

    Network will go off very often what is the solution please advice if any one knows

  94. ANKUR says:

    When using WhatsApp I can’t download media files the green loading circle which generally comes do not appear and leading to no download please help

  95. Veerendra says:

    Dear Admin .
    Is there any option to Change Incoming Call Screen Style in LETV S1.

  96. anand says:

    OTG not working after i upgrade new version,what will i do

  97. krishnakumar says:

    I have a problem on my letv 1s. Battery is low,when i was charged tonight but it cant charged and cant switchon,the red led light is shown.please help me how to get switch on my mobile