How To Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 in Google Play Store

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  1. Violeta says:

    Error de google play

  2. Akanksha says:

    Above all steps not work…

  3. Prime says:

    All options failed to allow me access. So i took the final step and factory reset the Phone. It cleared all stuff and i started afresh.

    • Admin says:

      Yes, factory reset is the final solution which you can try to Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 in Google Play Store but it will wipe all your data.

      • Janr says:

        My play store is already in a factory version I also uninstalled Google service uptades now none of YouTube or Google apps work and the problem stills there .
        Its just makes me moody and hopeless all the times .

        • Admin says:

          I am surprised none of the solutions worked for you. I will recommend you to follow all the steps again. If still the problem persists, then use APK File to install the app in your android phone.

  4. Jan says:

    Had to do the factory reset and the android phone started to allow Google Play Store to function. Thanks!

  5. Larry says:

    These types of fixes never work for those with Manufacturer ROMs, Because the updates to google play store/google play services/google play games are not compatible with the Manufacturer ROMs.
    How do I know this? Because after a reset to factory, they work. Until you start updating the above. Once you do that, google play will crash. But mainly it’s the google play services that crash the rest. The custom/manufacturer ROM’s do not take into account that google will update their services.

    • Admin says:

      These solutions surely work. I have myself fixed this issue by re-adding my Gmail account and then restarting this device. However, some people are finding it hard to fix it. It may be due to their ROM. So in that case, factory resetting your android device is an ideal solution. Also, if you update Google Play Store thereafter, it won’t get you Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 again as I have mentioned in this tutorial that this error is not related to server. It’s all because of your android device that this error arise.

  6. jerome says:

    None of these steps worked for me, And i want to do the factory reset. But i don’t really know what’s gonna happen. Will i lose all my apps and photos ( on my micro sd ) ? Please help

  7. Rajaram says:

    Thank you very much. With your solution, I have fixed the problem. Now it is working well.

  8. suraj says:

    I think
    “Reset app preference”
    will work better.
    And i have tried this.
    This will works definitly.

    and this
    “Reset app preference ” is in
    setting>>apps>>(in upper right there one button touch that there will be sort by size and Reset app preference)>>

  9. Shrishail Mathad says:

    My problem is solved by last Solution No.4

    Thanks for the whole team

  10. Redouan Aiach says:

    I’t did’nt work 🙁

  11. gean says:

    thankyou verry much for the tips, my play store is now working perfectly 🙂

    • Admin says:

      Always my Pleasure, Gean. Happy to Help you! 🙂 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus for more such useful Tutorials like this. You could also Subscribe to our Newsletter to get our posts directly into your email

  12. Mayloviz says:

    I tried all 4 solutions, without success. Factory reset is the last possibility left. I am forced to do Factory reset, only to have Google Play working again. I want to download WhatsApp, but in order to do that I must use Google Play. Why don’t I have a choice? Why is Google Play the only option? Can anyone help me get rid of Google Play? I don’t want it any more on my Galaxy Ace.
    I still have positive feelings for Google, but they are fading away, as Google becomes more and more intrusive. I just don’t like intrisiveness.

  13. Minecraft nerd says:

    I just want to update mcpe but my play store won’t work. Ive done everything except factory reset because I’m scared that won’t work and all my apps and works from Minecraft won’t be there anymore.

  14. rashidat says:

    Its perfect.thanks

  15. timberlandstars says:

    I want to update some of my apps . It is important . but my playstore have a problem . Please help me 🙁 it is important

    • Admin says:

      If any of the above methods did not work for you, then reconfigure your Google account using any other Gmail account and then restart your android phone. If still the problem persists, then you could try Factory Reset option. (Note – Factory Reset will wipe all data in your android phone. So, make sure you backup all your important data before opting for Factory Reset.)

  16. D'ROCK says:

    thanks am grateful the last step worked for me

  17. hussain says:

    I tried the Google play store and it work perfectly for me…thanks

  18. james bond says:

    thanks a lotttttt.

  19. Luvkush says:

    when I am using play store the mobile show error while retrieving information from server [ RH-1] so please resolve my problem ………..

  20. Thi Huong Thuy Nguyen says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I was chatting with Abraham regarding my Google Play Store problem and accidently be disconnected. I would appreciate it if you would reconnected me with Abraham.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Yours faithfully

    Thi Nguyen

  21. sujit menon says:

    i have this problem error in retrieving, the mobile i am using is Redmi, so i am not able to fix it, as i am not able to find out the application manager in my handset, so can you guide me please for fixing it.

    • Admin says:

      To access Application Manager in Redmi, go to Settings>>General Settings>>App>>All Tab. Here, look for Google play Store app and follow the same process as mentioned in the given tutorial.

  22. Palak porwal says:

    Nah it’s not working

    • Admin says:

      Try Factory Reset. But, remember Factory Reset will wipe all data on your android phone. So, make sure you backup all your important data before opting for this solution. If still you see this error, then remove the existing Google account and add a new Google Account.

      • Sam says:

        Probably everyone who is still facing this issue, even after trying everything on the internet, sometimes it’s a bad case of old and new conflicting gapps installed on their system via root or custom rom. if they have made their changes on the system partition. even a factory reset won’t solve it. probably will have to flash original stock firmware.

        those who just use play store for updating their regular apps, can get their apk from the sites, then you won’t have to factory reset or screw up the whole device for google play store.

        Sometimes it also happens, when you have installed a wrong google play services apk off the internet. remember it has codes for different mobile devices. make sure you install the correct one.

  23. roger says:

    none of these options have worked 4 me redmi note 1s

    • Admin says:

      Try Factory Reset. But, remember Factory Reset will wipe all data on your android phone. So, make sure you backup all your important data before opting for this solution. If still you see this error, then remove the existing Google account and add a new Google Account.

  24. andyelikaa says:

    Thank you so much! It did worked!

    • techbae says:

      Happy to help you, Andyelikaa. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook. Also, prefer Subscribing us to get our latest posts directly into your inbox. Hope to see you again! 🙂

  25. আলামিন (Alamin) says:

    After flowing 4th step, i solved.
    Tnx tnx
    Just this step:-

    {{Solution 4 – Re-add your Google Account:}}

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, Alamin! Do not forget to follow us on Facebook or Google Plus. Also, to get our latest posts directly into your email, Subscribe to our Newsletter. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  26. Qingqutoh says:

    hey admin try find us a different solution coz all this ain’t working even after factory reset please help

    • Admin says:

      Hi Qingqutoh,

      Sorry for this! However, these solutions have helped many users yet I will try to get back with some more solutions. I will deeper my search on Forums and Discussion Directories. 🙂

  27. Haylei says:

    All of the steps didn’t work for me

  28. satendra says:

    I follow all steps but none of these worked.what i do?

  29. jay says:

    Thanks a lot. It worked for me especially the last one

  30. Janeco says:

    The first 3 steps does not work and when I want to delete my acount I have to factory reset my phone

  31. Jeroen says:

    Thank you so much, this worked for me on a LG V10. Erasing the google account and reinstalling it did the trick. Didnt even have to reboot the phone.
    Thanks and greets from the Netherlands.

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, Jeroen. 🙂 Do not forget to follow us on Facebook. Prefer Subscribing us to get our latest posts directly into your mail.

  32. Bharat says:

    In my micromax canvas spark q380 having problem in Wi-Fi when I connect Wi-Fi it disconnect automatically and automatically connect again n again what type of this problem any body say pleas help exports I can hard reset also do but this problem not going

  33. Tobi Akanni says:

    thanks you rock!!

  34. Titus Adeyele says:

    I followed your steps in fixing error retrieving information from- server rh-01- Google play- store, it was perfect. Thank you very much.

  35. taffie says:

    I ended resetting factory settings and it worked. But you have to back up data first

  36. Toni says:

    The last step actually worked for me. Thanks!

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, Toni. 🙂 Do not forget to follow us on Facebook. Prefer Subscribing us to get our latest posts directly into your mail.

  37. Sai says:

    I too accept its not working for me and just irritating me pls help me sir

  38. Caroline says:

    hey am Caroline

    what could be wrong with my device that it gives me one error after the other??

  39. Jacques says:

    J’ai essayé toutes vos explications, toujours pareil, en plus à chaque fois j’ai aussi ce message “service google play s’est arrêté”


  40. aliff danial says:

    i’ve tried all the methods above . it’s not working pls help me . i have done the factory reset too . this problem came after i tried to update my android version . i need help

  41. Anin says:

    works on Mi Note Pro with MIUI (LXHCNDD). thanks.

  42. manuel says:

    Its work tnx man…

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, Manuel. 🙂 Do not forget to follow us on Facebook. Also, subscribe us to get our latest posts directly into your mail.

  43. Niels says:

    Ik doesn’t work:'(

  44. kaver says:

    Factory reset…not work how.

  45. Precious says:

    I swear to God this really works specially the Solution 3 , just make sure to follow all the steps as well as update your Google Play Store using the browser. Tried doing diff types of troubleshoots but this is the only one that works.Thanks and continue helping other people! More power to you!!!

  46. Sam says:

    All I had to do was force close the play store on my redmi note 3, snapdragon

  47. bujie says:

    Im also had this after installing 360 security, then i uninstall it. The playstore again. So maybe your latest app installed give this error, so try uninstall it. Such a hassle to reset your whole device.

  48. rajiv kumar says:

    My problem no solve till doing all the process….
    Plz help me how to solve my Google play store error RH-01

  49. Maxfutur says:

    Would you like to add this option:
    — For devices not modified/rooted try this:

    — (following clear cache steps)
    — Do not “Force stop”
    — after “Clear(ing) data” (it clears cache too), do
    — Uninstall updates (for google services and play store)

    It will be a very short temporary fix, as google updates both apps don’t matter if you thick “do not update apps automatically” in play store preferences.
    This is a common error with low performance devices, but “google play store has stopped” (not exactly the same error words) is the most common in very low performance devices as 1GHz + 512 MB RAM.

    I end up here because my ISP really, really sucks and had the error RH-01, though that it was a slimmed/optimized Samsung Galaxy GT-I9195L, crap removed + odex files moved to system/app to keep more free space in/for data/apps as google do not deletes old apps/odex files and it helps to do a faster factory reset as in this process does not need to recreate odex files updating or installing ## of ## apps message at first boot.

  50. saikrishna says:

    It really work u sad remove account and keep account and it work

  51. Mike says:

    Guys, here is what I tried and what fixed it for me, hopefully it might help someone else:

    I tried all this stuff that was blasted all over the net: “resetting app preferences”, “ensuring DOWNLOADS is enabled in settings/apps/all/downloads”, “clearing cache/force stop/uninstalling updates from apps like google play store, google services, and google framework services, as well as “removing/readding google email account”, “trying different google account” “removing battery and unmounting sdcard, and waiting a few minutes before rebooting”, “switching date/time from automatic to manual then back to automatic”……etc,

    Here is the thing that I still I was doing wrong that fixed it for me: make sure the play store and play services versions you are reinstalling are corresponding to each other date wise. In other words, if you install for example the May 16th release of the play store, you have to also install the May 16th release of the play services. That and be very sure you are using the correct “architecture” for the play services apk. Meaning, i saw most of the play services say they are for architecture “arm”, except for one said “x86”. But you don’t have to worry too much because if you try installing the one for the wrong architecture worse thing that will happen is you will get a parsing error as soon as you try to run the apk and it won’t install. CPU-Z is an app that will tell you what your phone’s architecture is. I realize if you are reading thru here then chances are you can’t use the play store to download it, but you can just google it and download the apk from another mirror using your phone’s web browser or your computer. When you install it just open it and click on the “system” tab up top, and you will see your phone’s architecture.

    Here are the steps I followed that got it working again:

    1) Tried everything above in the first paragraph
    2) Uninstalled Google Play Store. If you don’t see an “uninstall” option, just download the Google Play store apk and install it over the one you already have. You should then get an option to “uninstall” google playstore.
    3) Uninstall updates from Google Play services. Turn it Off.
    4) Download the latest Google Play Store apk as well as the latest Google Play services apk from here:

    (and again be sure it’s that both the play store and play services are the same release ate, and make sure the play services is the correct architecture as mentioned above). Install Google Play services (if it says you already have it installed, that’s okay, just install it over it). Open Google play services when it prompts you to at the end of the installation. Also, if you haven’t already done so, add back your google email account (preferably a different account – but not sure if this is absolutely crucial), and turn on automatic syncing and just wait for it to start syncing. You might start getting popup notifications that apps such as hangouts, maps or any others might need to be updated. Don’t touch anything and just wait for the syncing to finish. Once the syncing is complete go ahead and try opening Google Play Store. **Edited**

  52. Need help says:

    No these steps are not working. Does hard reset helps or not? I have searched help for everywhere put i cant see a useful help.( I was using lucky patcher when the google play says me the error). (Im sorry if my english is bad)

  53. none says:

    no result

  54. john says:

    Bro when i install googleplayservices showing Incompatible with other applications(s) using the same shared user ID

    • Admin says:

      The version of the Google Play Services you want to install is not compatible with your android phone. So, try using another version of the app.

  55. Anant Bharti says:

    Your solutions are idle and useless

  56. annoymous says:

    These steps do not work on the Kindle. What other options are there to fix it on the Kindle?

  57. Richay says:

    The tips didn’t work I still have the error

  58. Asad says:

    My issue has been resolved by using 3rd and 4th methods..

  59. mohd says:

    worked just fine…you are the best admin 🙂

  60. kalhapure vishal says:

    any method did not work

  61. Suneel Kumar says:

    I am using Micromax Doodle-3. My playstore stop working with an error RH-01. I tries all the options like removing google accounts then rebooting the phone again add the account and also i had tried to clear all the catches, force stopped the main applications and all but still i am not able to run the play store. Kindly help me out

  62. Rikaz Sheriff says:

    Thanks. I did all 4 steps. It worked. Samsung Tab S2.

  63. Manimaran says:

    This is very simple go and check your gmail account this is because some else is using your email account to register in playstore.

    Open your Gmail and cancel the (New sign-in) from your email and you can use back the

  64. Kemd says:

    I’ve found the solution. Once you’ve edited your host in “etc” folder using TOTAL COMMANDER APP OR ROOT EXPLORER APP to look like this localhost
    # Remove your Google account through your settings that’s if you have any binded to your phone then uninstal updates of your Google play services and reboot your phone. Once after reboot, setup your Google account by logging in. When your playstore opens you’ll still get this pop up message “Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]. Now open your YouTube application where it’ll refer you to update your Google play services unless it won’t work. Now use another browser and search for the latest apk version of Google play services, download it from another website and install. Then go back to your YouTube app and open it. You’ll get a message like “YouTube update is available, update now” immediately click on update and you’ll be referred to Google play store and you’re good to go. It work so well for me. Am so happy. Thank God. God bless y’all

  65. Maria says:

    Hello. If I use Factory Reset option, which data will be wiped in my android phone? Also my contacts and photos? Thank you in advance.


  66. Jeremiah Mseuli says:

    Did not help

  67. Shiva says:

    Got a little bit scared when the first 2 solutions didn’t work for me, but the third solved my problem. Thank you very much! 🙂

  68. DANIEL says:


  69. Angeline says:

    It works! thank you very much

  70. Anil kumar says:

    above all steps still not working
    showing same error

  71. Chameleona says:

    Thank you for your help. Deleted my account and that worked. The other options didn’t for me.

  72. Chanice says:

    I have a redmi note 3 and it doesn’t allow you to remove the Google account. It’s the second time it’s done this, last time I disabled play and the framework and it worked, but now it won’t. What do I do?

  73. Lakhwinder Singh says:

    Please Help me my tablet problem play store error retieving information from server RH-01

  74. DgsPentakill says:

    All options didn’t work for me ! Please give me more information

  75. Deep Chandra Sharma says:

    Sir i have tried all methods which are told by you but none of them is working and i am unable to operate google play store due to this error. Please help me to remove this error RH-01.

  76. skt says:

    Error retrieving informationfrom server RH-01. Google play store is still unworking

  77. Kakuli says:

    You don’t know any thing admin, this will definitely not working

  78. android noob says:

    i tried all the steps, repeatedly, and after running out of battery power, tablet shutdown, after recharge it worked 100% – thanks for all the help!

  79. Robert says:

    step 3 worked for me. Thanks

  80. Ameena says:

    Solution 4 – Re-add your Google Account: Worked for me.Thank you for the informational post,Keep posting!

  81. Eddymoe says:

    Thanks ,the last option of re-entering account worked very well. Much respect.

  82. Rahul says:

    Google playstore error(authitication sign error )plz help me.galaxy y s5360 mobile not working playstore.please reply me.

  83. saqib says:

    Hello, I was using perfectly, I reset my factory setting, when switch on my cell, play store showing me this error, I tried all the above solutions but still failed, plz suggest more solutions, thanks

  84. Ryan says:

    Wouldn’t Factory Data Reset work as well?

  85. etai gdlyawo says:

    i download the shop from apk lastest vesion and i tried everything the phone is meizu m2
    i wish you will help the google play vesion 7.2.13

  86. Lade Eva says:

    thanks a ton,solution 2 set it straight

  87. Adrian Taylor says:

    Thank you so much. I have tried suggestions from numerous other sites to no avail. But my problem was the incorrect settings for the date. So simple when you know how eh?

  88. raj says:

    Guys I want to tell you a thing happened to me I deleted all hosts on host editor now I re added it but now nothing downloads and says connection error if it loads then when I download app it download 3 times but don’t install please help me

  89. Matthew says:

    It worked, thanks man.

  90. kenn says:

    hello Admin, i have tried everything, removed and replace my gmail account, sign in to wifi with vpn, clear cache and data and finally two factory resets etc. now the error message from google play store is “error retrieving information from server (RH-01)

  91. Asad Ali says:

    I’ve done all the steps but it doesn’t work for my GT-S5282
    Please help me to solve this problem

  92. Asad Ali says:

    I’ve done all the steps but it doesn’t work for my GT-S5282
    Please help me to solve this problem.please

  93. Lou says:

    Thank you so much, I followed advice from someone on google to fix a different error and it came up with this new error. I thought I was going to have to factory reset my phone but it worked. Thank you thank you thank you

  94. Dha Macario says:

    Thank you. The last solution worked. 🙂

  95. Kenneth says:

    I’ve tried all of the solutions above before but doesn’t work except factory reset(don’t wanna lose data forever). Can I save the data into a computer then factory reset?

  96. Brad says:

    It didn’t work on my Galaxy S4 until I went into Apps>Settings>Application Manager>Turned Off, and turned Google Services Framework back on. I then deleted my Google account and re-added it. Problem solved.

  97. Nick says:

    I had this problem once, but I fixed it with another method, it was the Hosts that disturbed the network, sometimes it automatically sets a localhost as “”, you have to delete it then the Play store will work again, but it requires Root authority

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