How To Fix Error Code 0xc000007b in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

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  1. Karen Youdale says:

    Hi, my laptop did windows updates last night and now today am unable to start up, says my device needs to be repaired due to critical system driver missing or contains errors. I am distraught as my 24 yr old daughter suddenly passed away 2 months ago and the only videos i have of her are on this laptop. I am not very computer literate….my daughter eas the one to help me eith these things. Please.please can you help me in any way? Id be forever grateful, kind regards, karen

  2. Seif abubakar Ahmad says:

    thanks so much for your help in 0xc000007b.
    now it lunch

  3. piyush vijay says:

    Ys its work in my PC. …..method of replacing dll files.. ….for my game plants vs Zombies garden warfare

  4. Manas Tiwari says:

    done all the above mentioned solutions.. didn’t get the desired result.. still the same error pop-ups. Any other method i could try?

  5. Nimol says:

    I did the replaceing part but still doesn’t work.

  6. Nizam uddin says:

    Hi i tried everything you mentioned but still same problem why

  7. Emily says:

    Hi there! I tried all four solutions to try to get iTunes to work, but no luck. On solution two, I downloaded the .dll files and tried replacing them. All of them were replaced, except for two on both folders (msvcp100 and msvcr100). It says I need administrator permission to this (my account on the computer is the admin) but will not allow me to go any further than that.

  8. Chayan Chowdhury says:

    Guys method worked for me 😀 try this method 🙂

  9. ahmed says:

    can i copy dll files to application folder

  10. Paul says:

    Hi. When I try to paste it I get a notice that the folder is in use in another program but there’s no other programs open.

  11. pawan says:

    my application of outlast game is opening for 2 sec and opening promt command and then it closes atomatically
    i have try this but it won t help me
    please sir help me

  12. Charles says:

    The method worked for me u r the best guys

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