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  1. eddHardy says:

    I’ve downloaded flamewell-2 and after i open the game, it stucked at ‘Fetching Latest Patch’. Have been trying it a number of times and rebooting my android but still it’s stuck there. Please assist

    • Admin says:

      As I have already mentioned this article: If you are getting an error called Fetching Data from BOLT and the game freezes, keep opening the game again and again. If still the problem persists, restart your android phone and then try again.

      A lot of people have faced this problem and this solution worked for them. Hope it works for you too. 🙂

  2. josh says:

    I downloaded flamewall 3. It keeps saying connection error please help.

    • Admin says:

      You are facing this problem because each server accepts a fixed amount of connections. When you try to use it, it must be overloaded with connections.
      So, you can follow the below turnaround to Fix Connection Error in Clash Of Clans COC.

      – Keep opening the game again and again.
      – If the problem still persists, restart your android phone.
      – Try clearing Cache and Data of Clash Of Clans app.
      – Uninstall the existing version of COC app and then install it again with the correct Flamewall.

      Hope! it helps. It will surely work after some time.

  3. Hardi says:

    Thank you to receive free gems!

  4. aswini says:

    I downloaded flamewall 1 but getting connection error problem.even after reboot and try again

    • Admin says:

      Due to high traffic on this Flamewall Server, sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t. And, this has become a common problem on this Flamewall Server. I do not know when the developers of this Flamewall will upgrade their servers. So, neither I can comment on it nor I can assure you any solution. Sorry for this!

  5. Jeffreypradesabejuro@gmail says:

    This is nice … Good use for coc

  6. satchit says:

    I have downloaded the hack of india and whenn i started its loading bar does not move . i waited for more than an hour but it was not moving

    • Admin says:

      The servers of this mod have become too weak due to high traffic. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to load, often it does not even load. I do not know when the developer of this mod will upgrade its server.

  7. omerasohakhan says:

    how to downlod clash of clans (unlimited gems)mod apk

  8. Vishnu dj says:

    Clash of clans mod

  9. Ranjith says:

    not loading always showing not connection with the server

    • Admin says:

      Sorry! for the inconvenience caused. It seems that the Server of this COC MOD has become too weak due to high traffic. I do not know when the developer will update the server.

  10. Jp says:

    How do you donload clash of clans (unlimited gems) mod all

  11. jenish says:

    it seeing connection error

  12. Sm says:

    Is it free from ban

  13. ashukamboj says:

    no start. I try again and agani rebboot my androig but not work

  14. Asif khan says:

    Its awesome and fantastico

  15. Meraz chowdhury says:

    I cannot use this games for the fetching latest patch to fix this problem?

  16. Obaid says:

    Download flame wall1 india i start game not work proper connection error
    Plz reboot you server

  17. Mandy says:

    Sometimes show connection error and sometimes it shows flamewall not responding it does not open over wifi also plz see to it.

  18. preet chaman says:

    plese give me free gems
    i love your website
    lt is so amazing

    • Admin says:

      I am working on a new APK. I am not able to find it. COC team has become very strict about the MODs. Please have patience until then. Sorry for this.

  19. Arijit says:

    Plz do right your server my apk is not loading

  20. arnav says:

    It keeps on loading

  21. Jeff says:

    Help to download it pls

  22. Ali says:

    I triedd to clear cache and to clear data and to restart my android and kept trying to login but the same thing
    still telling me try again its not oppening ! plz tell me what to do i need itt more than anything !

    • Admin says:

      There is some problem with the APK. I guess, COC devs have blocked this MOD. I am trying to find a new APK. Whenever I get it, I will upload it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  23. Prikshit says:

    It does not load I download apk from server 1 that was from India but it shows network error and have to retry every time but after too many days I tried retring but the issue was not solved pls and pls provide the latest working server and that too fast or send me the working link by Replying please!!

    • Admin says:

      Yes, there is some problem with the APK. I guess, COC devs have blocked this MOD. I am trying to find a new APK. Whenever I get it, I will upload it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  24. Ali says:

    Can u please tell me Whenever the new download link

  25. hussein says:

    why when i start the flamewall-2 he say connection error, i’m used a 3G not wifi. thanks

  26. Sameer says:

    I downloaded from link 1 that is for India but the app is not installing in my device
    Pls rply

  27. vickey says:

    hello developers i installed the .apk on my android phone but the game stuck’s showing loading………………………. in short game is not running

  28. Hemant Sharma says:

    Hay..!! Admin I have level 9 town hall on coc I need free gams. What to do..???

  29. andhika says:

    Why this not work?????

  30. cr says:

    The Game doesnt work it says connecting to the serwer couldnt be made

  31. Arddi bossi says:

    Bro it doesn’t work it says connection error i try i many times i refreshed it

  32. N J says:

    Hi…I have my coc I’d in original server..can I play mod and connect it to original server with mod..or after playing and online saving with my same I’d can I have the upgraded everything in original version…reply I need to upgrade from th 9..and it too costly to upgrade walls

  33. vaisal says:

    can we get the resume game play while it installed.

  34. aj says:

    Please give me unlimited gems

  35. Ashish says:

    Where is download link in this article?

  36. shubham says:

    I download flamewall1 but it dosent work means it dosent open

  37. peter. says:

    mr.admin can you send me gems 99999 icant open the app ineed gems my username is jeremylobz 2 im from philipines pls…

  38. vicky says:

    Its doesnt works properly always saying coonect to internet i had a 4G connection though they are telling tobconnect to internet

  39. Surya says:

    This app not working for rooted mobiles please help

  40. sahil says:

    It is asking connection error every time plz tell me how to solve it

  41. nicco says:

    My flamewall 3 is always say conettion eror why..

  42. suvrojit says:

    admin please do something…..we are requested you

  43. Abhishek says:

    Can I connect this Coc mod with my Facebook account

  44. Rohit says:

    its just saying connection error try again ……..
    I do it 100 of times but it doesn’t open

  45. Abhi says:

    Very nice

  46. manoj says:

    Not working simply 60 mb waste

  47. SHREYANSH says:

    Every time I start it but it comes that I am not connected to Internet. Fix it please

  48. Anand says:

    How to download coc I’ll try everything

  49. PooranaPriyan says:

    I need unlimited gem clash of clan

  50. Kunal says:

    I download india version and install them but coc is not open.. check the connection are shown …what I do ?

  51. ashok says:

    admin another one is present plzz give me sugession who is those mod which available on internet plzz plzz

  52. Abhinav says:

    I hve been shared on fb but i cnd download it

  53. yasir says:

    This is good game

  54. andrey"1" says:

    Free gems and thank you

  55. SURESH says:

    Not connection g with server at all

  56. roman reigns says:

    how to download thw clash of clans mod apk or we can download it from other link

  57. Divyambajaj says:

    I cant download coc hack please help me and tell the link .

  58. akash says:

    nice i get hack apk thanks lot of very much i have now 11 max townhall that type of my 6 acciunts now any wanna then join my clan #LOJOP2U THANKS VERY MUCH

  59. Jordan Candler says:

    Wont let me play just saying connecting

  60. Azeem says:

    Sir where is the download links

  61. Ritesh says:

    Where is the download button

  62. Durand says:

    Please I downloaded flamewall 3 ans dit keeps on saying connections problem

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