Clash Of Clans Loading Crashes or Stuck at Screen Error [Fixed]

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  1. Mohammed Arbaz says:

    My coc game is not working……. Since from 3 months…. So plz help me to play my game

  2. yashwant says:

    my clash of clan stuck at loading screen from tommorow

  3. parag saini says:

    My coc only work when connect with Wi-Fi. But I am not able to use Wi-Fi coz my financial situation is not able to install Wi-Fi. Logn time I play coc and now this problem is stop me for play clash of clans. I use all solutions but still clash of clans not open. Only show loading. I leave my phone for 1 hours with clash of clans game. After 1 hours I see loading.

  4. Xerdon Woskar says:

    My clash of clans is not loading at all please help me. I had tried all the methods but not a single worked. I hope techbae will surely help me!!

    • Admin says:

      Are you using the latest version of Clash of Clans? If not, please update your COC and see if it helps. Hope it helps! 🙂 If not, then give me suitable feedback.

  5. Kartik Bohra says:

    I m using latest version of coc but its not geting load , my phone’s rooted also does it effect the game.. And solution please?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, having a rooted phone can affect it. COC team is very strict for this to prevent hacks. I would recommend you to contact COC Support Team.

  6. abdullah rajput says:

    I have latest version of coc but I open this game the screen is black and few minutes they were close
    Please get solution

  7. Arun Shiv Raj says:

    I used cracked coc.when i open the game it shows “login failed “. What can i do??

  8. Sathvik says:

    I am using latest version. I tried all methods but still it is not loading.pls help

  9. ABDUL HADI says:

    My coc gets half loaded and then gets stuck. What to do? (iOS)

  10. Clive Louis says:

    I have latest version of COC ive tried the above solutions to im using S4 but still my game stucks on loading. please help me out. Further more when i go to settings and click on my google account it pops up an error of “Unfortunately Settings has closed.

  11. irshan says:

    my coc is struck in loading page

  12. Mohammad Zaid says:

    I opened the game and followed the steps but still it is not working so please help me

  13. Joann says:

    Cannot view our clan .were stuck

  14. Baeloves says:

    Clear cache and data its not working for me, still i cant login my one account but if i use my other account its work well, i dont know what to do can you help me pls, i try to unistall and istall it again but still did not work

  15. Rabiya says:

    My clash of clan is not working. It does not load and goes back to my homepage. I’ve tried updating and restarting, but it still doesn’t work. Please help me out guys.. Idk what to do!

  16. krishna says:

    my coc isn’t working after my bro used x mod for first time and it open as usual then its stuck at 1 ℅ loading and crashes….

  17. Gopi says:

    My coc stops at loading screen,im using latest version of coc and and my phone had all the specifications for coc,plz help me to get my coc

  18. Ekamnoor says:

    When I open coc mod apk my full screen is black. Plz give me any solution.

  19. sarah says:

    Ive tried everything above , EVERYTHING
    with no reply from the support , may you please help ?

  20. Rsl says:

    My coc stuck on loading screen please could you help me?

  21. NAIF says:

    Clash of clans is not loading why

  22. Yashwanth says:

    My village is stuck in d beginning… please Tel me how can I over come it… N I have d latest version

  23. Mukul says:

    Tried eyerything but still not working. And I have the latest version (8.709.16) plzzz help.

  24. amansingh says:

    My coc does not open
    It shows only loading page and does not load a bit
    I have rooted my phone once but then I format my phone pls help me…..

  25. amansingh says:

    Does not load coc on my phone help me

  26. karthik says:

    When trying to load Coc , there is only a black screen appearing and nothing more. Its the latest version and was working perfectly on my phone till yesterday . what should I do ????

  27. Nasir says:

    when i open coc then see downloading constant but not open and again loading but not open. lzz help me

  28. Raja choudhary says:

    i am use coc private switcher app and not load my coc game

  29. suraj says:

    why my clash f light isn’t loading and got stuck on the screen. please help.

  30. Akhil G Krishna says:

    Thank you for your advice but it’s not helping me

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