Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000: Fixed (7 Solutions)

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  1. Sanjeev says:

    I installed older version. Not able to locate the software after complete installation. It has left no trace what it has done neither I am able to uninstall it. Looks like its a virus. Please do not write such posts without testing.

    • Admin says:

      I have tested this software and used it on my PC. Also, the link shared in this post is from the Officials Bluestacks Servers. You must have done something wrong. Please review it again. If you want to uninstall it. you can use Revo Uninstaller software to completely clean it.

      Hope it helps! 🙂

  2. jagdeep says:

    sir my display adapter is standard vga grahics adapter….is this the name of my graphics card…when i try to edit bluestack with orca it doesnot show any glmode option….and when i try to install bluestack…it shows error 25000….

    • Admin says:

      Please check if you are using the correct Offline Installer Bluestacks. However, if you cannot see the glmode option, try creating it. I guess there will be an option to create it.

  3. jagdeep says:

    my bluestack version is….there is one option….set glmode and it shows $RuntimeComponent>2

  4. jagdeep says:

    thanx… it works after changing glmode option into false…

    • Admin says:

      Happy to help you, Jagdeep 🙂 Do not forget to follow us on Facebook. Also, Subscribe us to get our latest posts directly into your mail. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  5. khan Ayaan says:

    bro plz tell me how to install bluestack bcoz when i m installing it say that 25000 u need to update ur ghraphic cards plz help me bro

  6. Manisha says:

    Can i install whatsapp in older versions of bluestacks please tell me….

  7. shubham says:

    i have updated my graphics which is now “intel(r) g41 express chipest” it is showing that it is latest graphic but still i got this problem-eroor 25000

  8. akkk says:

    100% working for offline installer
    1. if u already using offline installer disconnect ur net and try
    2. check if u hv installed directx..if yes and still problem comes just update it

  9. dnyanesh says:

    blustacks error 25000 not uses full

  10. Bryson says:

    try 2 disable ur anti virus for a wile

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