Best Setting for PPSSPP Android: Highest FPS, Tested with God of War

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  1. psydhakz says:

    awsome setting..
    addicted to play games using this setting… grab and set this for better performance of ppsspp emulator…

  2. abhishek says:

    can i get settings for gta china town wars in my moto g3 it lag as hell thank u

  3. Syed says:

    Sir I am Facing Problm In my Samsung Galaxy A8 Audio And also Graphics Problm Slove

  4. Bern says:

    Is it also applicable in pc?

  5. lan says:

    can I play multiplayer with this ppsspp??..if can..pls show me..sir

  6. Avi says:

    I am using LG G3 D855, 3/32 rooted. Even with all the settings (with additional troubleshooting), the frame-rates is too low for “God of War Chain of Olympus”. Also, the textures of sky and water are flickering. The phone heats up at intense gameplay moments and this further slows down the game. I am not using any power saver mode.

  7. Caesar says:

    I am trying to play Danganronpa 2. My O button will not be working when I’m on the island as the words will not appear

  8. Martin says:

    Sir,was playing Ben 10 P.O.E works damn well thank u sir… this article good!!!

  9. Alex Parker says:

    Hi admin
    While playing wwe smackdown vs raw 2k14 with ppsspp gold emulator on my android , i always face error “unfortunately app has been stopped” when i try to play 6man tag team match or royal rumble (face this when try to play big matches where the no. Of players more than 4) and sometimes in normal one on one and two on two .. Please tell me how to tackle it…please……

  10. Owl says:

    cool it works perfectly on my device thanks a lot mr. adming 🙂

  11. montu jain says:

    Hi bro ! I have tried all of this setting of yours but then too it doesn’t work on wwe 2k14 . My phone is redmi note 3

  12. Uchiha says:

    I applied these settings but for all my games on ppsspp it always crashes after a few minutes. I don’t know how to fix this issue plz tell me what do I do? Phone: Samsung galaxy S3 mini

  13. philip says:

    I’m using lg D320f8 anytime I open my god of war ghost of Sparta, the screen becomes black and it will be like that for as long as I remember

  14. aman says:

    Can I play pes 2014 with these settings

  15. Rajeeb says:

    Hi my device lolipop 5.0.2 I have some problem when playing god of war is so much lag and audio problem.can you give me some solution or setting?? It can help me.

  16. Aadi says:

    Audio not clear on moto x play

  17. Saeed says:

    I am using samsung galaxy s4 ….whenever i start the game it shows only the controller….it holds this all the time but doesn’t start the game …what can i do now ?

  18. Arghya says:

    Hi Admin,
    I am using Pixel V1 (2gb ram,32 Gb ROM,1.3 GHz quad core processor)
    I applied these settings but little high end games like Spiderman3,Ben10 AF Attacks of Vilgax,WWE SVR2010,Assassin’s Creed Bloodline are still lagging and in case of other games,Audio is not clear.Can it be fixed?I am a big fan of old school gaming and love to play old titles. Thanking you …

  19. louis says:

    hey pal i am really in dire needs of ur help now , my phone still have some lags on playing phantasy star portable 2 , my RAM is 2gb , if its needed , my phone is Oppo R7 lite . I already use your settings like u have shown before , but it still have some lags , how do i fix it ? thanks b4~

    • Admin says:

      Make sure you have properly optimized your phone. Use least apps while playing games. Clear your phone’cache and make sure you have enough free space on your phone. Use advised PPSSPP settings.

  20. biki says:

    hey admin ..can u help me with the version of ppsspp app that can run god of war chains of Olympus smoothly

  21. po says:

    i tried in pc it works

  22. YuuKa says:

    Can a tablet use this setting too??

  23. michael says:

    Pls I need your help, I have installed the ppsspp app on my phone but I don’t know how to start playing games. I mean I don’t have the games yet. how do I get pes 2014 or any other pes to play on my phone?

  24. ralph says:

    can u give me settings for gta liberty city stories psp games

  25. Aman says:

    Please help me!!How to set full screen mode for GOD OF WAR

  26. Nelson says:

    still not working for me 🙁 please help, I’m using Samsung Galaxy Note 3. When I play god of war, it lags.

  27. Chris says:

    Nice. Work very well form madden & mlb the show

  28. paul says:

    Please God of war makes a scratchy sound when i load can i correct this

  29. adrian says:

    what ppsspp version is that?

  30. jameson y(jb) says:

    I can’t play well in my lenovo k4 note. I can’t configure my ppsspp setting. Any person using k4 note, please suggest me….

  31. Shane says:

    Still suffering painful lag trying to run Final Fantasy. Tried all the suggested tweaks as well as a few other combinations. The graphics and game itself seem to run at proper speed but the audio continues to lag.

  32. Nitesh says:

    Iam trying to play pop it stuck over black screen and iam using zenfone laser2 with 2 gb of ram and iam using latest version of ppsspp what to pls do rply

  33. Jai says:

    What version ppsspp do you using?

  34. Raizen says:

    I copy all settings you said and my god of war ghost of sparta are not working

  35. avish says:

    in my ppssspp there’s not same setting as you shown like first option
    non-buffered rendring mode(speedhack)

  36. jay rajput says:

    hi admin plz help me. when i open pes 2016 in ppsspp. it show only black screen. i redownload this game 5-6 time but problem remain. is it need any save data for it or other ? plz help me how play game and fix black screen..plz help i am very big game lovet.

  37. dante says:

    PEase sir i need set up for silent hill shuttered memories.. my device htc 526g.. we all facing problem with mny phones.. this game look heavy..i am wqiting ur replay

  38. arsalan says:

    I want to play wwe 2ķ I set match player but after that its only says now loading and speed is so slow…help me plz

  39. Eniquo Ray says:

    HI admin/s. I just got my ppsspp gold downloaded last two days, and i followed all the instructions above, but the game GoW: Ghost of Sparta is still lagging a lot. It can only reach 8 fps in the gameplay but it seems that the cut scenes are okay. Is there anything i can do more?

    Btw, some of the settings are not in place like the one you got on the samples.

  40. Xyrilus says:

    Hey admin im using oppo joy3 why that the midnight club 3 dub edition still lags

  41. danso says:

    The game menu can’t appear on my phon, only the settings.Is there any setting I have to do

  42. kasatka says:

    i tried playing phantasy star portable 2 while non buffered rendering with the usual settings here but the screen is still black out

  43. Allz says:

    Hi, do you know how to fix glitch graphic medal of honor heroes?

  44. aljohn says:

    not working

  45. Melovher says:

    Untold Legend Brotherhood still experience constant FPS drop, any suggestions on how can I solve this?Anyway thanks for the awesome setup I noticed the graphics is way better that it was before.

  46. vicrex says:

    Thanks admin it works very well. Those that say it doesn’t work, check your phone version, ram and capacity. At least your version should be an android 4.4 and have at least 2gb of space in your memory card or phone,and you can enjoy your game. Thanks again for the settings admin

  47. success says:

    Sir I tried putting the non buffered but it shows me black screen but the audio is playing wh is it causes thay

  48. harry says:

    I m using Panasonic p55 and ppsspp gold ..but after starting god of war Sparta ..ppsspp gold closed and game was not runned…please tell me about this problem

  49. DJ says:

    Will it also work for NARUTO Shippuden? Everything is fine, but when the battle starts, it becomes slow.

  50. Samuel says:

    I don’t geh it

  51. flashcoder says:

    pls does it work for motorola xt915???

  52. Ary says:

    Hi,thanks for your attention to everyone.
    I have a question,is there anyway i can run shrek smash n crash racing
    On my device?could you try that.i tried but i didnt get any results.

    • Admin says:

      It is a PS2 game. I don’t think PPSSPP now supports PS2 games anymore. Although, you can try FPSE emulator but I am not sure about it as I haven’t tried it.

  53. Ary says:

    And my device is galaxy s7 edge
    If you can please share changes i should do
    Thx again

  54. Yash says:

    Sir this is not working for me!my phone is lava A72.its sound is cutting and running very slow!please please please help me.

  55. shaban says:

    i am still facing the same lagging problem in my vivo v1.

  56. harshit Jaiswal says:

    Can I play god of war 2 in ppsspp emulator
    If not then what I do

  57. Keiton says:

    do these settings work for naruto shippuden ultimate ninja, i downloaded it once but i got pissed off from the lags so now im installing it again, also im using a Galaxy J5(2016)

  58. Luthfiyah says:

    Hi I tried dantes inferno, and it’s so leggy, final fantasy type 0 too(a little bit lag), but other game is smooth thanks, can I play those game dood, dood?

  59. Tekken God says:

    Sir it doesn’t work on my tekken 6 in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

  60. Janjan SP says:

    Hi Sir, i am using Lenovo Vibe K4 Note, can i play God of war smoothly ?? below are the phone specification. Hope to received feedback form you.

    (16 GB, 3 GB RAM – A7010 a48
    8/16/32 GB, 2 GB RAM – A7010,
    OS: Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop), upgradable to v6.0 (Marshmallow)
    Chipset: Mediatek MT6753
    CPU: Octa-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53
    GPU: Mali-T720MP30)

  61. jake says:

    My problem is so lag in all always force stop if in loading and the sound in game lag in entrance

  62. VJ says:

    If i set non buffered, its black screen in game (gta lcs) please help

  63. Aniket says:

    In my mobile sound is not clear when I start wwe SD vs raw 2011,GTA and other games

  64. demonking says:

    I am not able to press multi buttons at same time eg R,X and anolouge on assassin creed using pssp gold
    How to fix it

  65. Ammar says:

    It is good for metal slug XX

  66. demuresy ltyger says:

    My psp is app is to slow

  67. Neeraj says:

    Sir. Entreces is very slow in wwe 2k14

  68. Gerald says:

    Not working on my phone

    Marshmallow user here

  69. Joshua says:

    How is the setting for Medal of honor .. I tried also the setting that you recommemnded but the game is not good.
    My phone is Samsung J1 ..

  70. Aryan Raj says:

    Can this settings help us to run wwe 2k14 on psp smoothly???

  71. Prince says:

    sir can you teach me how to get no lag of playing naruto ultimate ninja heroes? I’m playing lag huhu

  72. Hunter says:

    I have Redmi note 3 special addition (3gb RAM). I’ve configured same as above but still black screen appears in God Of War Ghost of Sparta

  73. teng says:

    i used the setting but when i play gta:lcs the screen is black and i hear only the game what should i do ?!

  74. gamers says:

    Sir why after do this setting my game colour change?

  75. nav says:

    i have downloaded wwe 2k14(ppsspp) for android
    it is very slow nd normal quaility??
    how much ram neede for speed play of this games

    • Admin says:

      It does not depend on your RAM totally.. the processor, mobile built-in, etc also need to be checked. High end smartphones works very well with this emulator.

  76. SHIJU says:

    thanks a lot bro!!! u made my day!! i play naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact ..and the game a bit stucked…after using your setting its really smooth…but a small black spot is present but i can play with it…… THANKS

  77. priyam says:

    I can’t set alternative speed into 0 it says unlimited

  78. Michael says:

    Sir ! It will work on samsung galaxy s4 ?

  79. Yogi says:

    For me when I click on god of war ….It shows black screen and crashes to home screen..Please help me

  80. Mr.Han says:

    This setting work on game medal of honnor???….my phobe assus zenfone c

  81. Harshad kshirsagar says:

    Sir.. If i set frameskipping as 1,2or3 then the game works smoothly but it glitches a lot.. If i set frameskipping as 0 then the game slows down but glitching stop by it .. Please tell me what to do… I m talking about god of war chains of olympus… Please let me know the solution on my email.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Harshad,

      As I have mentioned in the article, it’s not necessary that it will work perfectly depending on your phone’s specs. So, it’s better to set it as 2 to compensate both equally.

  82. Joshua says:

    Thank you…

  83. danny says:

    It really work…but the audio still lag..hhe

  84. gamer says:

    i use Infinix hot 3 with 1 gb ram i go try your setting

  85. Himanshu gupta says:

    i am using micromax express 4g and I can not play tekken 6 properly. it’s very slow. How could I play game. Please send best setting for tekken 6. . Thank you

  86. Andrea says:

    pls admin can Gow play smootly on tecno l8..without cracking

  87. swashna says:

    Danxxx alot admin yor r awasome keeo it up

  88. ROVIC says:


  89. Vikrant shahi says:

    please tell me audio setting of God of War chains of olympus

  90. Joey says:

    Maybe they lag problem is GPU. Check your GPU phone, Im using adreno GPU, and work perfect.

  91. Farooq says:

    I am using lenovo k3note i tried all settings, still i got only 15-17 max fps in gameplay… Please help me ! What could be the possible reasons.

  92. Deval says:

    Please upload Samsung galaxy E7 model game settings for tekken 6 and god of war plzzzzzzz

  93. Mehmed says:

    I recently play Pokémon Black on my Ppsspp gold V 1.4.2 and i cant see any text in-game. The textbox became dark.Pls help ty.

  94. ramu says:

    sir i use these setting but won’t be able to play game smoothly its lagging .. can u plz fix ot

  95. ramu says:

    the game is gow ghost of sparta

  96. Thinesh says:

    Which Version of PPSSPP You Used for this settings…… You Use Ordinary PPSSPP Or PPSSPP Gold Version…

  97. Ernest says:

    I like how the admin treats visitors, always replying

  98. Future IR says:

    Gg admin. Really helps me a lot. I just need to change a lil bit annnnnnndddd poofff. It works! Tqvm bro. I’ll try with phantasy star portable afterwards. Peace out.

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