How To Remove .SCR Virus From Computer [Verified]

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  1. Dattatreya says:

    in my system this .scr virus effected all drives expect ‘c’ drive can i follow this method is correct or not? and in this method any data will loss ?

  2. lalit says: system.also this virus affected all drives rather than c and if i delete this it comes back again

  3. EMPEROR says:

    hi ,I simply tried all the methods including this but whenever i searched this winloader.scr in safemode i didn’t found the file so could you help me in my pc the virus is named as video.scr.

  4. Ram manikanta says:

    Hi .., in my system there is no such file , but all my folders are in .scr and its very painful for me pls help

    • Admin says:

      Are you sure is it .scr virus or shortcut virus?

    • vamsi says:

      Dont worry bro. I too had that problem today.
      here is the solution.
      1. Your files are not deleted. they are just hidden. go to FOLDER OPTIONS, select SHOW HIDDEN FOLDERS.
      all your data will be found then.
      2. Unhide your files by “go to properties of that particular folder, untick the HIDE option, and click Ok., Select to all the FOLDER AND SUB FOLDERS and Ok” Then Your folders will be seen normal.
      3. Now simply delete the .scr extension files.

  5. Kasi says:

    My laptop’s D drive is affected by scr virus. Will it come again if I remove it from C drive and restart?

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