How To Remove .SCR Virus From Computer [Verified]

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  1. Dattatreya says:

    in my system this .scr virus effected all drives expect ‘c’ drive can i follow this method is correct or not? and in this method any data will loss ?

  2. lalit says: system.also this virus affected all drives rather than c and if i delete this it comes back again

  3. EMPEROR says:

    hi ,I simply tried all the methods including this but whenever i searched this winloader.scr in safemode i didn’t found the file so could you help me in my pc the virus is named as video.scr.

  4. Ram manikanta says:

    Hi .., in my system there is no such file , but all my folders are in .scr and its very painful for me pls help

  5. Kasi says:

    My laptop’s D drive is affected by scr virus. Will it come again if I remove it from C drive and restart?

  6. NYAKWANG says:

    Admin, I have images.scr folder which can’t be deleted in my PC drives except C drive. I tried above method but I can’t find it. Please help.

  7. Aditya says:

    I couldn’t find winlodr.scr file but i have
    Images.scr file in all drives how to remove them

  8. Teo cri says:

    admin pls help me…….how to remove .scr from my hard drive……after delete it again create how to fix…..?????————if is this a autorun so give me a solution how to delete it permanently……..pls help???

  9. Raju says:

    In my laptop I got two new folders
    $AVG &
    $RECYCLE.BIN newly with size 124 kb with type screen saver
    How to remove it

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