Google Chrome for Windows Phone (8, 8.1, 10) – Free Download

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  1. Sheena Vigors says:

    I am trying to install google chrome on my windows 8 phone, using the above green download link. It appears to be downloading something but it has taken one hour so far, how long is it supposed to take?

  2. baggelis says:

    I can install it

  3. Chau Nguyen says:

    I can’t install this, my phone inform “Something went wrong. Could not launch the file”. My phone is Lumia 950XL with WP 10 Mobile

  4. vickie Hammond says:

    I cannot get google chrom on my windows phone 8 not cool I love my phone it used to do everything grrr

  5. palle says:

    “can’t open this filetype on this phone” on a windows 1o phone

  6. Premanshu says:

    It says your phone does not support this file on my 8.1 phone

  7. thy says:

    I tried downloading it but its not downloading chrome but something else from the app store its downloading google

  8. luthor says:

    my phone goes to music lol , i dont know why coz my using wp 520 and its on 8.1 …..can you tell me whats up with that

  9. dj_puma says:

    it-s not chrome browser its just google search

  10. Mehfooj Ansari says:

    Thanks for sharing this article

  11. Giuseppe says:

    ChromeSetup.exe ?

    exe files don’t work on Windows Phone !

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