Fix Google Play Store Error 505 in Android: Unknown Error Code During Application Install

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  1. Hayder says:

    i tried all these methods but this error is still there .. now what should i do ?

  2. Lebohang Selela says:

    hi there I’ve tried all these methods of error 505 including factory reset but they’re all don’t seem to work,what else can I do please help I’m extremely begging you

  3. pssst3 says:

    I’ve gotten this error when updating an alarge spp that has been “moved” to extsd with Android 4.4 or 5 . It happens because there was no unambiguous standard for how to identify plug in extended memory, no standard for how to represent it in the storage structure.

    My suggestion is to do all updates manually and I’d the error occurs, verify it is in device memory or move it back temporarily.

  4. Akash says:

    None of your solution helped me to fix the problem “Error code 505”
    If u know any another solution then plz help .

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