How To Download & Play PS3, PSP Games On Android: Tutorial

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  1. Nidan says:

    Not working

  2. Pete says:

    Still have a blank screen, play on oppo r9, try disgaea 2, disgaea infinite, and star ocean evolution..
    So far only disgaea afternoon of darknest which can be played smoothly

  3. EuCliPhkieL says:

    Is Hatsune miku project diva f 2nd ps3 iso can play with PPSSPP?

  4. EuCliPhkieL says:

    Admin, sorry for my earlier post, i did not clearly state thw game.

  5. Lateef Aina says:

    Can ps3 games work on ppsspp? And if yes how can I get the games because I have ppsspp on my phone already….

  6. Mikegen says:

    can ps3 really work on Android through ppsspp or is there another special ppsspp made for ps3 games

  7. Supriyo Samanta says:

    Well if ps3 games don’t work with ppsspp anymore,
    Can I play ps2 games on it?

  8. nelson says:

    So how do we play ps3 or Xbox games or is it no longer playable on Android? Please I need help admin

  9. nelson says:

    Could you please provide a link to download ps3 games? Also the fifa 14 link posted, is it PSP or ps3? Also could you direct me to your page on facebook so I could give a thumbs up

    • Admin says:

      Just search it on Google, you will get plenty of sites to download PS3 games. The link is for PSP. You can find the link to our Facebook Page at the sidebar.

  10. Hassan says:

    How to install naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution
    I have j7

  11. Baron says:

    I want to play Naruto Ultimate Storm Revolution so badly on my android phone J1..anyone can give me ways on how to play this game? tnx!

  12. Saif rollin says:

    Yaa its will run but u required Atleast 1gb ram ,1.3 ghz quad core and 410 adreno gpu ok

  13. sonjok says:

    Is 2gb ram enough to play any of this game and is all this game offline. What’s the data size of takken.
    No WiFi here that’s why am asking the size
    Thank you

  14. love says:

    In j7 6, takken 6 can be run

  15. GGX says:

    im downloaded kingdom heart 2… Does it work in ppsspp gold? that game is from PS2

  16. Laldinthari says:

    And can we play wwe2k16 in android mali 400 using ppsspp

  17. spiere says:

    my god of war is fast now but my screen is dark and when the screen is bright the game is slow pls help me

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