How To Download, Install & Play Tekken 6 APK for Android Free

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  1. krish says:

    good game

  2. $hubh@m says:

    good ,but when I am running the game taken 6 it is working to slow .moves by player are too slow ..please help.

  3. tekken 6 says:


  4. Ramesh says:

    How 2 download

  5. suraj says:

    Awesome game

  6. faizan says:

    I have samsang galaxy note 3 and installed Tekken 6 on my phone but still game is not running smoothly please help me what i do ??

  7. faizan says:

    Can you rocommend the cell phone in which Tekken 6 running smoothly ?

  8. shubhy says:

    its not working

    • Admin says:

      Sorry, the link has been removed due to some internal problem. I will recommend you to search and download the Tekken 6 USA ROM from Google.

  9. zeeshan says:

    Installed tekken 6

  10. Vignesh says:

    One problem
    Could not load game. File is compressed (RAR).please decompress it (try UnRAR)

    What I do??

  11. shery says:

    This game is fully instal butt i dont know why this game using or play please tell me how i can play this game

  12. arvee says:

    it says that the game has been deleted bythe administrator.what should i do?

  13. Anas says:

    Downloaded the game but it run slow in ppsspp.I have an high end android phone which have Adreno 418 gpu.
    Still it lags.
    I tried every setting in the ppsspp.
    Please help.

  14. bhupesh says:

    Is ppsspp emulator support tekken tag ?

  15. Absar hussain says:

    Sir when I touch the link it is showing the file deleted by administration

  16. Marc black prince says:

    its awesome game :):)

  17. Pankaj says:

    Tekken 6 (USA) ISO for PSP ROM [ISO + CSO] this link isn’t working ,the file is removed their is no option to download

  18. jayant says:

    i have tekken 6iso file what app i need to run it on andoid 6.0

  19. Anurag says:

    Which GPU is needed to play psp games smoothly? Please recommend to run psp games smoothly.

  20. ch pavankalyan says:

    Its asome game ……. Iam reyali imprased

  21. harsh says:

    This is not working

  22. Jay says:

    It says that the link for tekken 6 is not available. Where should I download it?

  23. samuel says:

    Downloaded the game but is too slow on my samsung galaxy j1(6)

  24. Ahmad Hassan says:

    Your game is best

  25. srikanth says:

    where is download

  26. Teresa R says:

    Thanks for sharing :)…. keep it up

  27. adhav says:

    Hello I love this game

  28. Hussain says:

    I need direct link to doenload takken
    I try but not find here
    Please send a link via email


  29. Palsanawala deep says:

    Tekken 6 is really interesting game in world

  30. Jordan says:

    I’ve done everything downloaded followed every steps and I’ve extracted and it asked me to compress the game I did that too and it is showing it ain’t a ps game then the 730 MB that I wasted downloading these game was not data??

  31. ka says:

    Nice Very Very nice

  32. jake says:

    how to decompress file

  33. sunny says:

    How to download data

  34. jake says:

    so i need two files ? one search on google and one is from this website ?

  35. gabz says:

    The game is so good but it woks slowly in my phone

  36. geetank says:

    How to search Google takken6

  37. , Rohit Razz says:

    Plzzz help me to download this game briefly :

  38. Raja Hamza says:

    please upload the best games boody roar 2

  39. majd says:

    Where should we download

  40. Jabid khan says:

    Nice game

  41. Neeraj Sagar says:

    I hv one plus 2 4gb ram, still its slow, how can i make it smooth n fast

  42. neetish says:

    how to download??

  43. Raghav says:

    This game is the world in nature

  44. Jury von sorreda says:

    This game is cooler than other games

  45. Rose says:

    I cant find the link and I REALLY WANNA PLAY TEKKEN …

  46. Ravi kumar says:

    Good game for me.

  47. Prince says:

    What This game is work in the micromax android 4.4.2

  48. Arun rana says:

    Good game for me

  49. ankur says:

    I have samsung galaxy s8 +…can it work best on this device

  50. ankur says:

    hey dude…i download the tekkan 6 iso file of 731 mb …but when i open it from psp emulator it ssid rar file ..please fix it..

  51. hadia says:

    Thank you so much. You give the tutorial of tekken 6. It is really working.

  52. kamlesh Rajawat says:

    Good good good good game

  53. nannu says:

    I’m compressed game but show not a PSP game

  54. Rahulbohemia says:

    Very good gems

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