“Check your connection and try again” Google Play Store Error: Fixed

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  1. upendhar says:

    My phone is karbonn sparkle v
    Os:marshmallow 6.0.1
    I hard reseted my phone
    And cleared chache partition
    After that i rebooted my device
    Then my phone has started but it’s got stucked on “checking connection ”

    Even if i connected my phone to wifi
    It’s not getting me to pass skip> and not opening
    Please tell me how to step forward this checking connection option

  2. moeen says:

    Solution 4 worked for me!

  3. ashan says:

    Hey admin can u be specific about this-”
    Now, using any Root Explorer or File Manager like ES File Explorer, navigate to etc/hosts file and delete it.” What is this Etc/host file

  4. ashan says:

    It happened only after i rooted my phone so m thinking solution 4 will work but m not getting what to delete!!! Please help me out

  5. Dhruv Singh says:

    Admin… Nothing is working for me.
    I tried all the solutions but got nothing except doing factory reset. I did not try it neither I want to.
    Any other solution please?

  6. Fahad says:

    Step 4 helped me a lot. Thanks for your tips.

  7. doni says:

    big thanks ! it works for grand prime root user ! i delete the etc/hosts and it works !! thankss broo

  8. rakib says:

    thanks 🙂

  9. Dwayne says:

    Ok download the root explorer app, (make sure google play store is closed as well. force stop it just encase) then go the the folder in root explorer named etc. Go down the list of files till you see a guile names hosts. Delete it. Around that file should be another file by the name of hosts.bak tap on it and go to the tab labeled text editor. It’ll open up a file and shoe you a list of numbers and names like 123.13.345 googleplay store. There should be a “#” sign in front of the each line of numbers if you see there is not a # sign like the others go head and add one like the others and then back out. It’ll ask you to save or just change the changes you made back. Go head and save it. Blam! Your google okay store should be alive and well. Hope.l I managed to explain this well enough. Goodluck!

  10. Omar Rodriguez says:


  11. Shaheryar says:

    Bhi u r gr8 solution 4 worked

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